Yves Rocher Christmas 2016 collection, a mix of color and festiveness

Hello my lovely readers, today I’m back with information and impressions on the Yves Rocher Christmas 2016 collection, one of my favorites from this period. I always love the Yves Rocher Christmas collections, they are so gorgeous and yummy! Every year they outdo themselves with an even better collection, so I am really excited to see what they will launch next year. Each and every product from this collection makes a perfect gift in this season of joy and giving! It’s so easy to say I love you with these beautiful products.


The Yves Rocher Christmas 2016 collection is a limited edition one, which makes it even more desirable. It consists of three ranges, one with Clementine&Spices, the other with Pear&Cocoa and the third with Cranberry&Almond.

This year was a first for me, I loved all three ranges equally, no firm favorite from me, like the in previous years. All three ranges contain products for a complete pampering experience for your body and soul. There are bath&shower gels – 13,90 ron 200ml, 17.90 ron 400ml; perfumed body lotions – 17.90 ron 200ml, 26.90 ron 390 ml; liquid hand soaps – 13.90 ron 190 ml; hand creams – 13.90 ron 75 ml; lip balms – 13.90 ron 4,8 gr.; body scrubs – 17.90 ron 200 ml and even a perfumed candle (in the Clementine&Spices range) – 29 ron.



As you can see there are products for every tastes and occasions. The prices are very friendly and affordable for the Yves Rocher quality. Of course I couldn’t wait and dug into the products, so now I can share with you my impressions on them.

The most discrete range for me is the Pear&Cocoa with its sweet cocoa-like scent that is soothing and comforting. The liquid soap is wonderful to use, it gently cleans the hands leaving them pleasantly perfumed.

I also used the perfumed body lotion from the same range, it is easily absorbed into the skin and leaves it hydrated for a few hours and sweetly perfumed. For my normal skin it was ok, for a drier skin it is not nourishing enough.

yvesrocher_christmas2016collection_beautyinfiveminutescom3From the Clementine&Spices range I also tried two products : the hand cream (lovely perfumed, it hydrated my hands for a few hours and left them soft and perfumed) and the body scrub (actually it is a shower gel with scrub particles in it). I really liked the scrub, it is a fine granulated one for the daily use. it did not harm the skin and left it smooth and very perfumed. The scent of this range is not for the faint hearted, it is quite strong and very festive, loved it!

yvesrocher_christmas2016collection_beautyinfiveminutescom4And last but not least I also tried some products in the Cranberry&Almond range. This is the most festive and scented of them all. I love the way it perfumes the bath or the room I’m in for some time.

I used both the shower gel and the perfumed body lotion from the same range, and the effect is more powerful and long-lasting. Both products are very perfumed and fun to use. They do their job well and leave the skin perfumed and happy.

As per usual, Yves Rocher has prepared gift sets and boxes from all the ranges in the Yves Rocher Christmas 2016 collection, for you to gift the ones you love. The sets are beautiful, colorful and fun! You can see them and the rest of this wonderful collection in the video I made at the launch event some time ago.

I hope I have inspired you in your search for the perfect gift with this gorgeous collection. The Yves Rocher Christmas 2016 collection is a limited collection, so hurry up and discover it in all Yves Rocher stores. It is very worth it! Until next time,   Love, M










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