The Sensiblu Beach : the perfect mix of carefree tanning and having a whale of fun!

Hello my lovely readers, it’s been a long time since I wrote last. I have missed you and writing on this blog. I have many things to show you and write about, so come back for more! This post is about the perfect sea holiday.

You dream all year round for your perfect sea holiday. The hot sun, the cool, relaxing breeze, the fine, golden sand at your feet .. you are slightly worried about achieving the perfect tan but not at the high cost of burning your skin. The sun can be our friend but also our worst enemy (you can read about the importance of solar protection here).


The perfect solution is to find the perfect place that balances the fun with the solar protection. And I found it: The Sensiblu Beach. I have written about it last year when it opened for the first time and I am happy to announce you that you can check it out this year too. It is located in Mamaia, near the Sensiblu pharmacy and the Casino and it can house 400 places.

The most important thing is that a Sensiblu specialist is always there to give you the best advice on choosing the best sunscreen for you and your loved ones and to answer questions on the most frequent sun-related ailments.

One of my faves to wear as foundation in the hot summer months

Apart from the sun protection the Sensiblu Beach is also a lot of fun. When you are fed up with the tanning and bathing in the sea you can try courses of Zumba and Yoga, you can play volleyball and all your little ones can play securely in their own special area equipped with an inflatable slide and many, many toys.

On top of that, if you love to show off on the social media there are many beautiful places to take a photo. The music gives you great energy and the bar is filled with yummy, cool drinks.

I think it is definitely worth it to check The Sensiblu Beach this year if you want to have a whale of fun in the sun. It has all the ingredients for the perfect sea holiday. With the right sunscreen products and care the sun can definitely become one of our best friends! Until next time,   Love, M

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