Sensiblu beach : fun and sun care in the sun

Hello my lovely readers, today I’m back to share with you a wonderful experience in the sun I have had recently: a day trip to the Sensiblu beach in Mamaia. It was a relaxing and fun experience I needed badly. The Sensiblu beach is located in Mamaia next to the Casino and the Sensiblu pharmacy and is a place of fun in the sun for all no matter what age.



The beach has a capacity of 400 places and what I like most about it, a Sensiblu specialist is there to share information and advice on the best sun care products for each of you. I have written before about the damaging sun and the importance of wearing high SPF products all the time, not only at the beach in this post. There are many great sun care and skin care products for all tastes and prices in Sensiblu to choose from (high SPF and thermal water are a must for me in the summer).



Plaja-Sensiblu-beautyinfiveminutescom8On the beach there are many fun activities you can try : Yoga/Pilates classes, volleyball and football, a special playground for children with kites, sand toys and inflatable slides). And to keep your fun memories alive you can make a Gif by sliding on a wet inflatable and then send it to your phone ready to be shared with your loved ones. It sounds like a lot of fun in the sun so go and check it out!

For me a day at the Sensiblu beach was a relaxing and fun experience I want to repeat more often. I had the opportunity to try new sun care and skin care products and to hear advice on the best ways to keep my skin protected from the sun. So if you want to experience the Sensiblu beach go to Mamaia and enjoy your days in the sun! Until next time,   Love, M


Plaja-Sensiblu-beautyinfiveminutescom10photo credits : Sensiblu, Monica’s beauty in five minutes







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