Schwarzkopf Palette Intensive Color Crème R2 Dark Mahogany, review

Hello my lovely readers, today’s post is a review on a hair coloring product I have recently used the Schwarzkopf Palette Intensive Color Crème R2 Dark Mahogany. I like to dye my hair to give it a bit of shine and a new look and also to make it a little bit less oily and soft. I have never used a hair coloring from the Schwarzkopf Palette Intensive Color Crème range so I was curious to see how I got along with it.


The Schwarzkopf Palette Intensive Color Crème R2 Dark Mahogany is now improved with an additional rich care mask with Keratin Complex to intensively nourish the hair after coloring, making it stronger, smoother and with a great shine effect.

The new and improved formula promises a maximized radiance and long-lasting high intensity of the hair color with an 100% grey hair coverage. The color formula with care agents is designed to nourish the hair while coloring. It seals in the high-intensive pigments for a maximized color radiance. Sounds really good, right ?



The Schwarzkopf Palette Intensive Color Crème R2 Dark Mahogany comes with one tube with the coloring crème, one bottle with the developer lotion, one sachet with the rich care mask with Keratin Complex, one pair of gloves and an instruction leaflet.

After reading the instructions I mixed the coloring crème with the developer lotion then I applied the mixture on my roots first then the rest of the hair. I left it on my hair for around 35 to 40 minutes (I want  a darker shade) then I rinsed it off. I cleansed the hair three times with a gentle shampoo then I applied the rich care mask with Keratin Complex. Afterwards I also rinsed it off and it left my hair silky soft and shiny.  You can see the ingredients below :

schwarzkopf_paletteintensivecolor-creme_r2dark-mahogany_beautyinfiveminutescom04After drying the hair it looked really good, shiny and exactly the color I wanted, a darker mahogany shade that looks really good in the light. I did not have any scalp reactions to the coloring and everything went well. After the mask my hair is soft and nourished and really shiny.

You can find the Schwarzkopf Palette Intensive Color Crème R2 Dark Mahogany and many other shades in stores and online at the price of aprox. 13 ron. I really like the end result and the extra hydration in the new and improved formula so I give it the A grade.

Check out the photos below to see the wonderful new shade of my hair. I looove it!


And I have another great news for you, there are new shades in the Fashion Nudes, the latest collection with natural colors from Palette Intensive Color Crème. Nudes are so in fashion right now, from the fashion to clothes so why not in hair coloring ? If you wear a nude shade in your hair there is no limit to your make-up or fashion choices, you can be a bold or classic as you like!

The Fashion Nudes Palette Intensive Color Crème collection brings three new shades :

  • BW7 Mineral Dark Blonde
  • BW10 Powdery Blonde
  • BW12 Nude Light Blonde

The color formula with care agents is designed to nourish the hair while coloring so the hair looks and feels great! More hydration, more shine, more color intensity! The collection is available in stores so check it out! Tell me Have you used any of the Schwarzkopf Palette Intensive Color Crèmes ? What are your impressions ? Until next time,    Love, M





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