Sabon Wonderland Stories Christmas 2016 collection, the magic of holidays

Hello my lovely readers, today I’m back with another festive, magical and wonderful Christmas collection : Sabon Wonderland Stories Christmas 2016 collection. This year is all about recapturing the magic of the holidays and the stories that always inspire us to be kinder and more giving in the holiday season. Sabon is one of my most loved brands so I am happy to share with you this beautiful and magical collection.


The Sabon Wonderland Stories Christmas 2016 collection has products for all tastes and needs. If you want to pamper yourself search no more : there is a Shower Oil (76 ron), a Body Lotion (79 ron), a gorgeous Body Scrub (98 ron) – one of my very favourite products from Sabon, a Butter Hand Cream (59 ron) and a Wonderland 100% Palm Oil Soap (28 ron).

If you want to gift a loved one these pampering products you can buy the Exploring Wonderland gift set (250 ron), containing : the 300 ml Shower Oil, the 200 gr Body Scrub, a wooden spoon for the Scrub, the 140 ml Body Lotion, the 75 ml Butter hand Cream and a gorgeous gift box. I am sure you can’t go wrong if you choose to gift Sabon. It is definitely the right way to say I love you!

The collection is already available in stores and online and of course I couldn’t help myself from checking it out, it smells wonderful! Cinnamony, sweet and comforting in a tasteful, discrete way. I love it! I have already put some of its products on my wish list. Did I tell you that I am also named Christina and that my name day is on Christmas ? Hint, hint 🙂


If you love your home scents and are into decorations you can check out the Winterland Aroma Home Scent (220 ron) to keep the holiday spirit lingering in your home, there is also a beautiful Wonderland candle in glass (98 ron) which looks wonderful and inspiring. To keep your sheets smelling of holidays you can also try the Wonderland Fabric Mist (82 ron). There is even a Wonderland Car Odorant (15 ron) that will go very well with the Christmas carols on the radio.


There are also many other products in this holiday range : Cosmetic Bags (from 48 ron), a Wonderland Night Mask (48 ron), Baskets (from 35 ron), Wonderland Magnetic Boxes (from 32 ron), a Book Stand (90 ron) that looks very beautiful and more.

As you can see there are many wonderful products to choose from, for all tastes and occasions. The Sabon Wonderland Stories Christmas 2016 collection is already available in stores and online so check it out! It is worth it!

The holiday season is full of magic, of wonderful moments with our loved ones, the perfect time to create new memories and stories to tell to the next generation. “May your life be full of good stories“, Sabon wishes for us, this holiday season. I can add May your life be full of happy moments with the ones you love! And don’t forget to tell and show them how much you care all the time not only during the holiday season. Happy Holidays! Until next time,   Love, M



Photo credits : Sabon Romania









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