Rekze shampoo and conditioner, the superman of hair loss ?

Hello my lovely readers today’s post features my impressions after using a set of two products : Rekze shampoo and conditioner, that promise to be the world’s most complex hair loss and hair growth stimulating products. A kind of Superman of the hair loss world. Since Rekze is a new brand in Romania I was very curious to try their products.

Let me tell you the story of my current hair situation. It started like this ..


rekze_shampooandconditioner_story_beautyinfiveminutescom1And suddenly there was quite a large hair loss that accompanied well my loss of sleep and exhaustion. I started taking hair vitamins to get it to grow but it still continued to fall.

What to do ??

rekze_shampooandconditioner_story_beautyinfiveminutescom2When I’ve heard about this brand and its promising products of course I wanted to try them. What can I lose ? Besides more hair , of course. I received three samples of Rekze 63 anti-hair loss shampoo and three of Rekze 43 conditioner to try. Of course it was not enough for a long-term effect but I could try a sample test and see how my hair reacted to it.


How did we get along ?

Well I used each shampoo and conditioner sample three times. I used them as per the instructions (you can find them in the packaging).

The Rekze 63 Shampoo – was created to help stimulate the scalp naturally to boost blood circulation and better nourish the hair follicle for a healthy hair growth and to stop the hair loss. Its special formula contains many ingredients such as Caffeine, Zinc, Biotin, Taurine and more, to fight against the thinning and loss of the hair and to promote new hair growth.



It has a light, runny consistence and a discrete, pleasant smell. It gently cleansed my hair and did not cause me dandruff and other scalp or hair reactions like itching. I have quite an oily hair, you know it by now. It did not cause me any good or bad reactions : it did not increase my oiliness or decrease my time between washes, but I did not expect it to. It is a hair loss shampoo so I had expectations in this area.


The Rekze 43 Conditioner – was the greatest surprise of them two! I simply adore it! Before, I had another conditioner I loved, one that accompanied a hair dye and I loved its effect on my hair. This one is even better!



It has a thicker, richer consistence that is very, very nourishing for the hair. After using it, even wet, I have never in my life felt my hair so soft as now! It is simply incredible how instantly my hair transformed! I felt super pampered, as if I had a several hours hair treatment at the salon, it was silky soft, shiny, healthy-looking and sweetly smelling. I felt like a diva, super pampered and I loved it!

rekze43conditioner_beautyinfiveminutescom1Well, did it do anything for my hair ?



Well I can’t say in the long term. What I can say is that after three uses my hair does not fall as much as before. I don’t know if it is because of these Rekze products, because of the hair vitamins I started taking or all of the above. What I can say is that I am definitely intrigued and eager to try these products more, on a longer period of time. After using them for at least one month I could say if they work for me or not. But I definitely want to try them more! Because my goal is to stop my hair fall and regenerate and grow it back. So I am waiting for my Rekze Superman to save my hair.

You can find the Rekze products at the price – Rekze 63 Shampoo (200ml – 129.90 ron/28.90 dollars) and the Rekze 43 Conditioner (200ml – 126.90 ron/28.95 dollars).








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