Pupa Velvet Garden collection, a mix of autumnal elegance and femininity

Hello my lovely readers today I want to share with you a simply gorgeous limited edition collection (get it fast, when it’s gone, it’s forever gone!) from Pupa, very beautifully called Velvet Garden. I simply love it not only for its very pigmented, beautiful colors but also for its very elegant and feminine packaging that can be easily collectible, it can definitely stand on its own in a very fancy boudoir.


There are products for everyone in the Pupa Velvet Garden collection : eye shadow palettes and duos, mascaras and eye crayons, a beautiful blush, some very gorgeous lipsticks and nail polishes. I’ll start with my very favorites (actually the entire collection is my favorite :)), the PUPART Velvet Garden eye shadow palettes (79 ron each). There are two of them, one in nude-brown shadows – the Autumn Garden and the other, which I prefer better in shades of pink and rich burgundy, the Rose Garden.

I was curious about their pigmentation and I went to the store and played with them a little, the colors are gorgeous and very pigmented. There are a good mix of matte and shimmery shadows that complement each other beautifully. The palettes are very versatile, you can create both discrete, day looks and bold, night-time looks. You can see the swatches below, firstly the Autumn Garden then the Rose Garden.






If you don’t fancy an entire eye shadow palette you can choose from three Velvet Garden Duo Eye shadow (47 ron each) quads in several color variations (Violet Peony, Pink Peony and Gold Peony). I didn’t resist and bought one quad, the Pupa Velvet Garden Duo Eye shadow in 003 (Gold Peony).

I simply love it! It has a light  texture, feeling like a liquid powder on the skin and has a long-lasting effect, even on my oily lids. I really like the quads’ elegant gold packaging and feminine floral print; they definitely look collectable sitting on a fancy boudoir next to ancient perfume bottles and pearls.. jewelries in themselves.



You can create an intense smoky eye look or a better eye definition, you can choose from two Maxi-VAMP! INTENSE SMOKY eye crayons (47 ron each). There are two shades, Intense Violet and Deep Black with a creamy texture that’s easy to blend and work with, and an applicator that eases the blending and it’s perfect for touch-ups on the go.

pupa_velvetgarden_maxi-vampintensesmokey_beautyinfiveminutescomIf you only want a good mascara to define your eyes, you can try the Pupa Vamp mascara (43 ron), in a perfect autumnal burgundy shade that really make the green eyes pop and give great volume to the lashes. It is a very nice variation from the usual black mascara and a perfect way to add a touch of fun and color in your day to day make-up look.


If you fancy a touch of color to your cheeks the Pupa Velvet Garden collection has a beautiful rose blush, the Velvet Garden Maxi Blush (65 ron). It is a very beautiful shade of pink that makes you look rested and fresh and suits everyone. It is very pigmented, so be light-handed with it. It has three blush shades (matte mixed with shimmery) that can be worn separately or mixed together.

The texture of the blush is very fine and silky soft and the packaging and design is again feminine and elegant with its floral design embossed in the shadow, the same as with the Velvet Garden Duo Eye shadows.



And this brings me to my very, very favorite part of the Pupa Velvet Garden collection : the I’m lipsticks (47 ron each). There are four shades to choose from : Rose Lilium, Fuchsia Cyclamen, Red Peony and Burgundy Poppy, very pigmented, gorgeous autumnal colors.

The lipsticks are very light in texture and feel comfortable on the lips but at the same time the colors are rich and pigmented. I love all the shades, you know my passion for bold colors, I simply couldn’t decide which shade to buy. The lipsticks are definitely not for the shy!





And last but not least, the nail polish lovers are also happy with new shades of the Lasting Color Gel nail polish from this collection : 168 Rose Lilium, 16 Fuchsia Cyclamen, 170 Red Peony, 171 Burgundy Poppy, 172 Black Orchid (23 ron each).

The nail polishes have a shiny, gel-like effect on the nails and as you can see below the colors are beautiful and pigmented. What I also like about them is the fact that they are very quick drying and they are very easy to apply on the nails due to the wide, flat brush applicator (440 bristles) that makes the job easy and fun.


The Pupa Velvet Garden collection is a gorgeous collection, with autumnal nude and bold shades that are very diverse and pigmented. The packaging is also really elegant, feminine and special and it’s definitely worth checking out! It is definitely one of Pupa’s best collections so far! If you fancy something from this collection go and check it out in the stores! Until next time,    Love, M

photo credits : Pupa Romania, Monica’s beauty in five minutes


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