Pupa Red Queen Christmas 2016 collection, luxury and joy

Hello my lovely readers today I’m back with another festive limited edition collection : the Pupa Red Queen Christmas 2016 collection, a gorgeous and festive collection in tones of rich red and gold. It is yet another very beautiful and fun collection that I’m sure will sell very fast.


This collection is designed to make any woman wearing it feel like a queen, pampered, elegant and luxurious. The design and packaging of this collection is also spectacular and can sit easily in a royal boudoir. It is a collection for a daring lady who wants to shine like a queen and draw attention everywhere she goes. The Red Queen collection combines bold shades of red and burgundy with golden, metallic eye shades, fit for the royalty.

There are four mono eye shadows in this collection – the RED QUEEN METALLIC EYESHADOW (001 Lavish White, 002 Pure Gold, 003 Golden Bronze and 004 Luxurious Brown), a pure metallic effect eye shadow that can be used wet and dry. It has a revolutionary formula, combining a mix of pure and intense pigments with pearls that give an intense luminous effect to the eye.


The glam eye look can be completed with the RED QUEEN METALLIC LINER (001 Dazzling Gold, 002 Golden Amber and 003 Sparkle Black), an eyeliner crayon with a metallic effect. It intensifies the look with an intense, bright line that has a sparkling, metallic finish. Used as an eye liner, it emphasizes the eye. Used as an eye shadow due to its creamy and easy to blend texture, it brings the focus of the make-up on the eyes. Price 33 ron.

pupa_redqueen_christmas2016collection_beautyinfiveminutescom6If you want to focus your make-up on the lips there are products for you too. If you want your lips to be nourished, smooth and happy you can try the RED QUEEN BALM ELIXIR (001Sheer Rose), a luminous lip balm. It has a light texture with a sheer luminous color that envelops the lips hydrating them and making them look very kissable.

It has a very fun packaging, embellished with a small pendant in the shape of a crown, making it easy to wear and display in the purse or on your make-up table. It can also be a very cute gift for a special lady. Price 47 ron.


For the ladies who are more daring and want a stronger lip, they can try the RED QUEEN I’M MATT LIP FLUID (054 Red Queen, 055 Royal Burgundy  and 056 Pompous Bordeaux), a liquid lipstick with a light texture that adheres to the lips for a long-lasing effect. The lipstick is very pigmented with an opaque, velvety finish. It has an applicator that makes the application easy and precise, very useful when you are out and about. No parabens, dermatologically tested. Price 47 ron.

If you are a fan of highlighting or strobing, you will be happy to learn there are products in this collection for you too. The RED QUEEN HIGHILIGHTER (001 Magnificent Gold), is a pure gold highlighter that can bring the attention to you everywhere you go. It has a silky soft formula enriched with iridescent, shiny pearls that create golden highlighted areas on the face, giving any make-up look a festive feel. Ophthalmologically and dermatologically tested. Price 73 ron.


If you like to add a touch of light to the some areas of the body and face you can do it by using the RED QUEEN GOLDEN POWDER (001 Gold Shimmer), a loose, illuminating, perfumed face and body powder. It has a fine, silky texture enriched with ultra-fine, pure gold pearls that brings a warm glow to the face or décolleté for a festive, glam look.

The luxurious feel of this powder is further enhanced by its pleasant vanilla and lemon flower perfume that envelops you as you use it. It has one of the most beautiful and festive cases with royal lilies in red and gold and an old school puff applicator. Price 79 ron.

The nails are also pampered and festive with the RED QUEEN LASTING COLOR GEL in two new shades 173 Red Queen and 174 Royal Burgundy. It is a very pigmented, long-lasting nail polish with a super shiny, glass effect finish. It is very easy to apply due to its maxi big brush, flat applicator enriched with 440 bristles and it dries very fast. Price 23 ron.


There is another special nail polish the RED QUEEN GOLDE DUST (001Golden Dust) to create very glam nails. It is a nail polish with a pure gold, 3D, very shiny finish due to its texture that is enriched with multi-reflective iridescent pearls. It is very easy to apply due to its maxi big brush, flat applicator enriched with 440 bristles and it dries very fast. Price 23 ron.

If you want to top off your favorite nail polish and give it a very special, festive feel, try the RED QUEEN GOLDEN FOIL (001Golden Foil), a gold foil effect top coat. This top coat has an innovative texture that is enriched with golden spangles that resemble golden foils. It creates a very sparkly, glam effect on any nail polish. It is very easy to apply due to its maxi big brush, flat applicator enriched with 440 bristles and it dries very fast. Price 23 ron.

The Pupa Red Queen Christmas 2016 collection is simply beautiful and very festive. You can’t help yourself to be in a holiday mood when wearing its beautiful intense shades of lipsticks or nail polishes and its golden, sparky highlighters. The collection is already available in stores so go and check it out! It is definitely worth discovering as well as the other new products launched this fall :

12 new shades of I’m Lipstick, available in 4 color combinations : neutral-brown, peach-corai, red-orange and fucsia-purple. They are very pigmented lipsticks with a soft, comfortable, shiny finish on the lips. Price 47 ron.



The new CONTOURING & STROBING #READY4SELFIE Powder palette comes in three shades (001 Light Skin, 002 – Medium Skin and 003 – Dark Skin) and contains 4 powders to contour and illuminate the face. No parabens and no perfume. Price 73 ron.


And last but not least, you nail polish lovers rejoice : there are new nail polish shades in town! There is a new Metallic Matt limited edition collection. The nail polishes have an opaque, metallic finish on the nails due to its intense pigments and pearls. There are 12 shades in this collection, 6 warm tones (001 NUDE ALLURE , 002 LADY LILAC , 003 CHIC BURGUNDY , 004 VINTAGE ROSE, 005 FOREVER PLUM , 006 PERFECT PURPLE) and 6 cold tones (007 MATT GOLD , 008 PERFECT GREEN , 009 DEEP COBALT, 010 PALE GREY, 011 URBAN BLUE, 012 FANCY BLACK).   The nail polish is very easy to apply due to its maxi big brush, flat applicator enriched with 440 bristles and it dries very fast. No parabens. Price 23 ron.


As you can see there are many new Pupa products to discover this Autumn and Winter and I’m very pleasantly impressed by both the quality of the products and by their packaging which gets better and better and harder to resist. I thought that the Pupa Velvet Garden collection was gorgeous, well the Pupa Red Queen Christmas 2016 collection is as beautiful as well. I like all the new releases from Pupa so if I have made you curious or if you fancy something from this collection go and check it out in the stores! Until next time,    Love, M

photo credits : Pupa Romania



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