ParkLake Shopping Center 1 year anniversary

Hello my lovely readers, today’s post is about the ParkLake Shopping Center 1 year anniversary which will take place on the 1st of September. To celebrate this milestone Park Lake has prepared many fun moments and events from the 1st to the 3rd of September, all in its beautiful, nature-loving space.

On Friday the 1st of September Smiley, one of our most loved musicians, will give a concert starting from 20.30. All visitors will be greeted with a Prosecco and a Candy Bar before the concert so that the pampering and celebration would be complete. All the beautiful moments with your loved ones will be immortalized with the Photobus booth that will be located at the exit of the park terrace.

ParkLake_aniversare1an_Smiley_beautyinfiveminutescomOn Saturday the 2nd of September there will be a beautiful parade for all ParkLake’s visitors. From 17.00 to 19.00 many artists from abroad will join in a fabulous show that will dazzle with its height and fantastic imagery filled with lovely flowers and silk winged butterflies.

On Sunday the 3rd of September from 12.00 to 13.00 there will be a children’s theatrical show from Excelsior that will bring joy and laughter to all of them and from 17.00 all visitors big or small will meet the most beautiful and intriguing Living Statues ParkLake has ever seen.

ParkLake_aniversare1an_Tombola_beautyinfiveminutescomFrom the 1st of September to the 30rd of September, during its entire anniversary month, ParkLake offers 3000 vouchers and thousand of prizes such as 3 Iphone7 offered weekly. The visitors can load selfies from nature on , the smile collector will measure the intensity of the smiles and the visitors smiling the largest can win vouchers of 50 ron at over 100 stores.

ParkLake will also reward its customers’ fidelity with prizes on the spot. If you buy products of minimum 100 ron you can win from thousands of prizes (on limited stock) and can enter in the competition for the big prize a Land Rover Discovery that will be drawn at the beginning of October. The rules of the campaign can be read at

I think that the ParkLake Shopping Center 1 year anniversary is filled with great events and prizes to be won so go and check them out! And let’s wish ParkLake Shopping Center many years of great shopping and events! Until next time,   Love, M








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