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Hello my lovely readers today I’m back with another post full with my favorite brands so I can inspire you to gift your loved ones. As per usual, there are gifts for all occasions and pockets to choose from so let’s start on Santa’s list to buy.



One of my favorite shower gels for a pampering bath comes from Tesori D’Oriente. I love all the ranges, the Hammam is my all time fave, the scent is wonderful and perfumes the body and the bath for many hours afterwards. The shower gels, bath creams and perfumes are my go-to products and currently I have three products from Tesori D’Oriente in my bath routine.

There are 5 gift packs from all the ranges, starting with the Eau de Toilette and Aromatic Soap in Hammam, Fior di Loto and Orchidea della Cina (27.30 ron), then Eau de Toilette and Deo Spray in the same scents as the one before (31,41 ron), then the pack containing Eau de Toilette, Shower Gel and Massage  Brush in Hammam and Royal Oud (39.40 ron) for a full Spa experience, Eau de Toilette, Shower Gel and a Perfumed Sack in Ayurveda, Orchidea della Cina and Japanese Rituals (39.40 ron), the perfumed sack must be pulverized with the perfume, let it sit for 10-15 min to settle the perfume then put in between the clothes for a relaxed and happy mood. And last but not least there is the pack containing the Eau de Toilette, Shower Gel and Perfumed Candle in Fior di Loto, White Mosc , Byzantium and Jasmin di Giava (39.40 ron), this is great since I looove the perfumed candles, my only regret is that I don’t have it in my fave range Hammam.. Of course if you are tight on the budget you can gift a shower gel or bath cream as a sock filler, the packaging is so beautiful that it can stand on its own, just add a pretty bow and that’s it!



Next is Nivea, with whom I have a long relationship in my family, there is always at least one Nivea product in our house all the time, this is how we love the brand. There are many gift packs ready for you to put under the tree; NIVEA COMPLETE CARE (Day and night Anti-wrinkle cream, 50 ml) – 58.90 ron, NIVEA EXPERT CARE (Micellar Water for sensitive skin, 250 ml, Day Anti-wrinkle cream Q10 plus FPS15, 50 ml) – 48.50 ron, NIVEA ROSE TOUCH BAG (Argan Oil and Rose Lotion, 250 ml, Creme Smooth Shower Gel, 200 ml, Deo roll-on Invisible for Black&White Clear, 50 ml) – 40.50 ron, NIVEA SILKY MOMENTS BAG (Body Milk, 250 ml, Creme Care Shower Foam, 200 ml, Deo roll-on Protect&Care, 50 ml) – 45.50 ron, NIVEA PEARL SENSATION BAG (Care Cream, 100 ml, Creme Smooth Shower Foam, 200 ml, Deo spray Invisible for Black&White Clear, 150 ml, Repair & Targeted Care Shampoo, 250ml, Lip Care Cherry, 4.8g) – 68 ron and last but not least NIVEA BLUE CARE BAG (Creme Care Shower Foam, 200 ml, Hairmilk Shampoo for normal hair, 250 ml, Nivea Crème, 75 ml, Lip Balm Original Care, 4.8 g, Deo spray Protect&Care, 150 ml) – 57 ron.

As you can see there are many packs for you to choose from, there are also gift packs for the men in your life, packs to pamper the face, body and hair. Again if you are on a shoe-string budget you can always buy the products separately. The great quality and affordable prices are a great help for Santa.


Also from Nivea, you can gift the wonderful Original Lip Balm in the limited edition Lip Care Sparkle (9.50 ron),  with the original Lip Care balm enriched with Aloe Vera and Panthenol to provide up the 12h care packed in a festive colored tube in silver, gold, green, purple, red and pink. This is a fun and festive little gift for children and teenagers and also for all the grown-ups who love to play.



For the face care lovers Elmiplant has also prepared several gift sets to all ages and occasions. The care pack for the mature skin (21 ron); the Hyaluronic 3D Anti-wrinkle day cream SPF 15 and the Xpress Effect Micellar Lotion provide care and intensely hydrate the skin. The care package for a smooth skin (14.60 ron), contains the Tropical Dream Shower Gel and the Body Nutrients Intensive Hydrating Lotion, the dry, dehydrated skin becomes nourished and naturally glowing.

The care pack for a hydrated skin (24.60 ron), containing the Skin Moisture Hydrating Day Cream for normal, combination skin; the Skin Moisture Micellar Water for normal, combination skin and the  Perfect Hands Hydrating Hand Cream to provide great hydration and comfort to the skin. Last but not least is the care package to pamper the senses (19.65 ron), containing the Calming Spa Shower Gel and the Body Senses Massage Oil for a sensual and exotic experience due to the Argan Oil and extracts of Ylang Ylang and Lavender.


A new brand that I have recently discovered C-thru has also prepared 4 special gift packs in two ranges. The first, Emerald Shine adds a dose of freshness and elegance in a Floral Fruity fragrance for women. Its Top Notes are of  citrus, red fruits, northern water lily and blackberry; the Heart Notes of violet, lily and rose and the Base Notes of cedar, sandalwood and musk.

The second one Black Beauty adds a touch of mystery, sensuality and extravagance all in an Oriental Floral fragrance for women. Its Top Notes include citruses and spices; the Heart Notes of vanille and orchid and the Base Notes of sandalwood, patchouli and amber.

Both ranges come in two types of gift packs; one contains the Eau de Toilette and Deodorant Spray (36 ron) and the other containing the Deo Natural Spray and the Deodorant Spray (26 ron). As you can see both gift packs come beautifully wrapped and packaged so all you need to do is to put them under the tree.


And last but definitely not least there is another oldie but goodie B.U., the classic yellow packaged one is my all time favorite, I still wear it with the same joy as I did many, many years ago in high school. There are three gift packs in all the B.U. ranges for you to choose from. The B.U. Eau de Toilette and Deodorant Spray pack (48 ron) in the Absolute Me; B.U. Wild; B.U. Trendy B.U. Heartbeat and Golden Kiss ranges, spanning the entire lifetime of the modern lady and helping her to preserve its olfactive memories.

Another set is the B.U. Deo Natural Spray and the Deodorant Spray (26 ron) in the B.U. Absolute Me, Golden Kiss, Wild and Trendy ranges for a lady who loves the long-lasting freshness of a perfume.

B.U.-Xmas_packs_2017_beautyinfiveminutescomAnd last but not least there is the B.U. Deo Natural Spray and Shower Gel (26 ron) in the Absolute Me and B.U. Wild ranges that make the pampering last on and on ..


As you can see there is no shortage of options for the busy Santa, what I love most is that all these brands are easily accessible in all stores and online and there is a wide variety of prices and products to choose from. From a small sock filler to a large pampering gift pack you have many options to choose from. So what are you waiting for? Start shopping! Tell me What are your favorite brands to gift your loved ones ? Until next time,   Love, M






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