Nivea Protect & Care Woman antiperspirant deodorant spray and stick, review

Hello my lovely readers today’s post is about a range of antiperspirant deodorants I love very much. I have used two from the Nivea Protect & Care Woman antiperspirant range, the deodorant spray and the dry stick. You know I love Nivea very much especially their signature, sweet scent. And this range has it in full.

Nivea_Protect&Care_antiperspirant_deodorant_drystick_beautyinfiveminutescomThe  Nivea Protect & Care Woman antiperspirant range promises to protect you for 48 hours against the sweat and body odor, without skin irritation. With the gentle care and the unique scent of NIVEA Creme, it leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth and fresh. It is non-irritating and has a high skin tolerance being dermatologically approved.

Directions for use : Shake well before use. Hold can 15cm from the underarm and spray. Allow product to dry completely before getting dressed.


The deodorant spray comes in a 200 ml can and I love the fact that it is very travel friendly (it has a twist up dosage, preventing it from spilling onto the clothes or in the bag by mistake). The dry stick comes in a 40 ml packaging and has a valability of 12 months.

I love both the spray and the dry texture (I prefer the spray more in the hotter days). They both were very effective in preventing the excessive sweat and body odor all day long, while bathing the skin in the discrete, sweet specific Nivea scent that I love so much.

I didn’t have any skin reactions to these antiperspirants such as irritations or itching. You can find both and the entire Nivea Protect & Care Woman antiperspirant range online and in the stores at the price of aprox. 12 ron/2,50 pounds.

What I also love about Nivea is that they always bring new products and great ideas so one can never get bored of trying too many Nivea products. The last very interesting product launch is the Nivea Micellar Shampoos for a gentle daily cleansing of the hair and no dried or irritated scalp. Interesting, no? I will be back with a post dedicated entirely to the latest launches by Nivea.

All in all, I love both the Nivea Protect & Care Woman antiperspirant deodorant spray and dry stick. They have been effective in preventing the sweat and body odor in the summer time, especially, and I really love their sweet scent. My skin felt comfortable and refreshed after using them and the price is affordable. Therefore they get an A from me (great quality for an affordable price). Until next time,   Love, M








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