Nivea In Shower Make-up Remover Sensitive Skin Review

Hello my lovely readers, today I have prepared for you a review on a product that I have bought some time ago out of pure curiosity: the Nivea In Shower Make-up Remover for Sensitive Skin. When I visited the Nivea store in Berlin I was drawn to this product beause I didn’t remember seeing it in Romania and I was simply curious to try a a make-up remover used in the shower and see if it is eficient. I had to guess the skin type since I don’t speak German so it was quite a challenge (unfortunately everything is in German, they don’t have any other language translation on the bottle).
After quite a long search on the internet I managed to find some information about it: this cleanser is meant to be used in the shower to remove your make-up without using cotton pads. It provides a gentle cleansing, it protects the eyelashes and leaves the skin smooth, cleansed and moisturized. No perfumes or colorants.

This version is for sensitive, dry skin and it’s enriched with almond oil (there is another version for normal/combination skin enriched with vitamin E). I chose this one because my eyes have become quite sensitive and they water when I use a cleanser that contains perfume or other irritants.
It comes in a 150 ml capped bottle and has a valability of 12 months. It has an interesting pleasant texture kind of creamy, kind of milky and it is unscented.
Instructions for use: massage it onto the skin then rinse well.

I started with the eyes, gently massaging the eyelashes to melt the mascara (removes well normal mascara, on water-proof ones you should try several times massaging, rinsing and repeat). The rest of the make-up comes off really fast if you take your time to massage the face and melt the make-up. The texture is really pleasant (in the summer time I will put it into the fridge, its coolness will be wonderful in the hot summer months) and you have the opportunity to enjoy a well-deserved, relaxing, pampering me-time. You should rinse well the face and eye area since this make-up remover has a slippery kind of feel to the skin.
!Be aware! It can also make your bath tub very slippery too if not well rinsed.

Although I massaged twice the eye area to remove my water-proof mascara it didn’t irritate my eyes, they didn’t water even if the water got in my eyes. It comes well enclosed in a squeezy bottle which means that is easy to use and money-saving since you can squeeze and use all the product. It says that it leaves the skin moisturized, I say that it didn’t leave it dry and dehydrated but I still felt the need to use a good face cream afterwards.
To tell you the truth the fact that you can use it in the shower is not really special to me, I take my make-up off in the bathroom where I have all my products. It can work well for somebody who wants to save some time and remove the make-up at the same time with the shower or bath time.

You can see the ingredients above.
All and all, I think that the the Nivea In Shower Make-up Remover for Sensitive Skin is a gentle and efficient make-up remover, a good product for an affordable price (150 ml/aprox. 5 eur/25 ron). I will use it in my regular sink but it is a good solution if you want to save time and you love your shower/bath routine. Tell me : What do you think about this product? Have you used it, what are your impressions? Until next time, Love, M

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