My nail care routine

When I wrote the post about my winter face and body routine I forgot to add the nail care so I’m writing about it today. So, without much further ado I present you my nail care routine .
It is all really very simple:
Firstly , I exfoliate my hands with QI cosmetics Citrus fresh sugar scrub I received at the Beauty bloggers meeting by Beautybarometer .

I cut my cuticles (yes I know it’s not good, but mine are really bad and Sally Hansen’s instant cuticle remover is not enough for me!) then I file and shape my nails with my Mekior nail file. I apply Farmec’s base coat fortifying complex onto my nails (love it, it makes my nails strong and it’s very cheap). 
Next I apply one of my favourite nail polishes (only a small selection) – nude Golden Rose 13; copper – OPI Sprung; liquid sand – OPI Stay the night ; red – OPI In my santa suit ; berry pink – OPI Antibleak.

I top it either with my Essence gel-look top coat or if I don’t have the time with my Seche Vite (I adore it, it is the best!! it makes my nail polish last so long).

After the nail polish has dried I use one of my many hand creams to nourish my hands and nails.
And this is it! My nails and hands look and feel good! Tell me How does your nail and hand care routine look like ?



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