Marionnaud exclusively presents : Héloïse de V, a perfumer with attitude

Et si tu n’existais pas/Dis-moi pourquoi j’existerais/Pour traîner dans un monde sans toi/Sans espoir et sans regret

Et si tu n’existais pas/J’essaierais d’inventer l’amour/Comme un peintre qui voit sous ses doigts/Naître les couleurs du jour (Et Si Tu N’Existais Pas, Joseph “Joe” Dassin)

One of my favourite all time French songs, it speaks of love and the lack of it. And we live and lose love in moments, and we relive our happy or sad times through many things, but mostly through perfumes. We walk on the street and suddenly we are drawn to a scent, and we are instantly back reliving sad or happy times..

It is so easy to express our feelings through perfumes, sometimes more than gestures or words. The universe of perfumes always has its own magic and mystery for me, I am fascinated by it and I want to discover its timeless appeal.. This is why I was really excited to discover a new, exclusive Marionnaud perfume brand : Héloïse de V.


Héloïse de V, is an almost niche brand, a family affair, a love story that includes France and its beautiful scenery, many flowers and aromatic herbs and passionate people who carry on the legacy of Héloïse de V. Valerie d’Andre, the lovely creator and curator of the brand, has been present to the meeting to share with us the story of this brand and its wonderful perfumes. I really liked its very minimalist and personalized approach, it’s all about discretion, elegance and impeccable taste.

There are 5 perfumes so far in the range, all very interesting and unique. You need to take your time in discovering these small treasures. The perfumes initially welcome you but you will truly feel and understand them after a while, after they are truly settled and blended with your unique personal scent. Then you will truly  enjoy and discover them.

 The lovely Valerie d’Andre in the charming setting of Infinitea

There are the moments of discovery and enjoyment in a day that are captured in the Héloïse de V perfumes.

A l’heure de la Cueillette, Eau de Toilette and A l’heure de la Cueillette, Intense – speak of the morning dawn, when everything is fresh and fragrant and all the flowers and herbs of Provence create a powerful scent. It’s all about happiness and freshly cut flowers for a great day. The fragrance features rose, magnolia, peony, violet, cypress, cedar, musk and herbal notes. (50ml – 189 ron/58 euros).


Déjeuner sous le figuier , Eau de Toilette – it’s the middle of the day and a hearty lunch, under the shade of an old fig tree, with all the family is the perfect idea. It’s all about forgetting the problems and worries and enjoying a well-deserved family time; everything stays still and it’s the right time to create happy memories. The fragrance features lemon, lavender, fig leaf, almond, cedar and cypress. (50ml – 189 ron/58 euros).


Au bord de la rivière, Eau de Toilette – It’s the hottest moment of the day, we feel the need to feel refreshed so the river is the destination. It’s so cold and fresh we don’t want to leave. The sounds and scents of the river makes us feel so alive, it smells divine! The fragrance features mint, bergamot, lavender, rose water, orange blossom, jasmine, white musk and cypress. (50ml – 189 ron/58 euros).


Soiree d’Ete , Eau du Perfume – speaks about the magic of the summer sunset. The golden hour where everything looks incredible and a sense of melancholy feels in the air. The fragrance features neroli, bergamot, rose, orange blossom, patchouli, cedar and guaiac wood.  (50ml – 189 ron/58 euros).

heloisedev_marionnaud_beautyinfiveminutescom1aAll the perfumes are well accompanied by hand creams, soaps and body creams , so that the magic of the scent can last longer. You can find all Héloïse de V in all Marionnaud stores and online at marionnaud.ro.

The perfumes are really special and worth discovering, they tell timeless stories, lived and re-lived time and time again in different times by different people. But the joy of the moment stays the same, it’s a time capsule that treasures special moments, emotions and people we love. And this is why we come back to the same scent or perfume every time, to re-live and enjoy happy days. And happiness is definitely worth searching for! Until next time,   Love, M







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