Ivatherm Rosederm Anti-redness Micellar Lotion, review

Hello my lovely readers, I have finished the Ivatherm Rosederm Anti-redness Micellar Lotion for a while now and it’s high time I wrote about it. I have not tried many Ivatherm products before so I was very happy to try this one, which is a best-seller from Ivatherm.


The  Ivatherm Rosederm Anti-redness Micellar Lotion is a micellar water dedicated for sensitive, intolerant skin prone to rosacea. It is recommended for daily use for seborrheic , couperose, rosacea prone skin. It delicately cleanses the skin, rebalancing the skin PH, reducing the swelling and calming the skin irritations. It is paraben, soap and alcohol free. It has a very good eye tolerance, being hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested.


Directions for use : Soak a cotton pad into the lotion and apply on the skin in circular movements, avoiding energetic rubbing. It does not require rinsing.

It comes in a 250 ml plastic bottle with a sturdy cap (easy to use and travel-friendly) and has a valabiliy of 12 months. It delicately cleansed the skin (including the eye make-up) and left the skin cleansed and refreshed. I didn’t have any skin reactions like itching or redness on the face or around the eye area.

What I did not like was the scent – it has a pretty strong medicinal scent that can be felt when you use the micellar lotion. If you are scent sensitive it’s better to smell the Ivatherm Rosederm in the pharmacies before buying it.

There are several very interesting ingredients in this micellar water that are very effective – Lipacide TM C8G (an active cleansing element that reduces skin irritation by rebalancing the acid PH of the skin and also regulates the skin sebum secretion and has an antiseptic effect); Dextran Sulfate (has an anti-inflammatory and anti-redness effect) and of course the Herculane thermal water (has a calming and decongestive effect). You can find out more about Ivatherm and the Herculane thermal water in this post – Focus on Ivatherm . You can see the ingredient list below :


You can find the Ivatherm Rosederm Anti-redness Micellar Lotion  and the other Ivatherm products in pharmacis and online at the price of aprox. 49.50 ron.

All in all, the Ivatherm Rosederm Anti-redness Micellar Lotion is a good micellar water, it is easy to use and travel-friendly and removes gently the face and eye make-up (I don’t use water-proof mascara so I don’t know if it removes it). It is suitable for all skin types, even for intolerant, sensitive skins. I like the fact that it does not have any parabens, soap and alcohol. I am proud that a Romanian brand featuring a Romanian ingredient – the Herculane thermal water, creates such great quality products. From me it gets the -A grade. Until next time ,   Love, M








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