Guerlain Christmas 2016 collection – a rich blue journey into the heart of India

Hello my lovely readers today’s post is a treat for the eyes and senses. You know by now that I have a deep love for Guerlain; it is a fact. This is why today’s post is so special, it proudly stars the Guerlain Christmas 2016 collection in collaboration with world famous supermodel Natalia Vodianova, who has been for many years the face of the Shalimar perfume and the House of Guerlain’s muse.

I wanted to name my first collection Shalimar, in homage to the fragrance that I have been the face of for eight years and that symbolises my link to Guerlain” Natalia Vodianova


I am a great romantic and the Shalimar legend that tells the story of the passionate love between Shah Jahan and his beloved wife Princess Mumtaz Mahal has always fascinated me. I wanted to revive the sumptuousness and riches of Imperial India through my collection. This is why I created a gold and blue design reminiscent of Indian jewellery boxes for this Météorites pack“, Natalia Vodianova added.

I was also inspired in the choice of the colours by precious metals and stones: gold and sapphire. For the KissKiss lipstick, I chose a warm and intense fuchsia shade like Indian pigments. Rouge G’s deep colour reminds me of the ‘Bindi’, the red dot that Indian women apply between their eyes and that symbolises the universal principle of creation“.

This collection has, as you can see, a very interesting story and source of inspiration that simply fascinates me. I really adore its packaging, it has two of my favourite colors, blue and gold, so very vibrant and festive at the same time.

The collection starts of course with the now cult perfume Shalimar – Natalia Vodianova being the face of it for eight years – that finds its way into this collection as a limited edition – Souffle d’Or de Shalimar, a fine shimmery gold body and hair powder perfumed with the Shalimar Souffle de Parfum fragrance.


This deliciously fine powder adorns skin and hair in a captivating gold halo that creates a multitude of glimmering reflections to light up a swish of the hair or bare skin. “As well as my face and hair, I apply this powder to the backs of my hands and my wrists. This way, a subtle scent is exuded whenever I move my hands” Natalia Vodianova. You can find it in Romanian stores starting 15th of November at the price of 415 ron.

For all the lovers of the mythical Météorites Pearls, there is an exclusive edition for Christmas in this collection named Météorites Perles de Légende, with 3 shades inspired by Indian pigments: pink to refresh, gold to illuminate, and a touch of blue to softly correct the complexion. Thanks to the Stardust technology, a diamond powder encapsulated in microspheres, which reflects light to create a pure and endless glow on the skin. “I specifically chose these three colors of beads because they remind me of the colours of the mosaics in Indian palaces” Natalia Vodianova.


Specifically for this limited edition, Natalia Vodianova has imagined a new precious case for the Météorites Perles de Légende: a blue and gold design reflecting the colours of Indian jewel cases. The Météorites Pearls are enveloped in a delicate violet fragrance, inimitable and totally addictive. You can find it in Romanian stores starting 15th of November at the price of 285 ron.

This is definitely a collector’s item! I simply adore both its packaging (you can reuse the box for precious keepsakes in the future after using it) and its content, the pearls are simply divine, they give the complexion a discrete glow and showcase your best features.

Since the strobing trend is so much in fashion right now Guerlain has also released a Precious Light illuminator in this collection. Infused with subtle rosy micro-nacres, it reflects light and instantly illuminates the complexion. It is a good anti-dullness weapon and the best tool for the perfect strobing. You can find it in Romanian stores starting 15th of November at the price of 215 ron.


Another favorite of mine from this collection is the L’Ecrin Shalimar, an exclusive shimmery eye shadow duo for an unforgettable smoky look for Christmas. The duo comes in 2 precious Intense blue and Gold shades, with multiple metallic reflections. Applied together or separately, these ultra-pigmented and metallic shades will act like a jewel for your eyes.


For this case, I wanted highly metallic textures for an intense look. I was also inspired in the choice of the colours by precious metals and stones: gold and sapphire. Your eyes will become your most beautiful adornment!” Natalia Vodianova. You can find it in Romanian stores starting 15th of November at the price of 205 ron.

This is definitely my second item on my wishlist from this collection. I love both shades, they are so fun and festive and at the same time elegant and sophisticated! I also love the fact that you can use it dry or wet for an intense look.

The collection also has another eye product L’Or Eyeliner : an exclusive gold eyeliner for Christmas. The ultra-precise eyeliner combines a silky formula, saturated with pigments and gold shimmer with a thin bristle brush for a perfect shimmery look. It is a intense gold eye look inspired by the look of a real Indian princess.

If you are a lover of bronzing powders, there is one for you in this collection : the Terracotta Terra India, an exclusive shade of the mythical Terracotta bronzing powder for Christmas. It illuminates the face immediately, combining the sensuality of a natural tan with the radiance of a golden complexion. Specifically for this limited edition, Terracotta Terra India has an exclusive compacting inspired by Indian drawings and is nestled inside a new blue case.

guerlain-christmas2016collection-_terracotta-beautyinfiveminutes-comThis Terracotta powder has an unique fragrance with top notes of fun bergamot and mandarin, with a heart of feminine notes of gardenia, jasmine, ylang-ylang and honeysuckle. All of these are completed with base notes of vanilla, blended with woody notes, to give the powder an air of exotic and mystery. You can find it in Romanian stores starting 15th of November at the price of 249 ron.

For all the lipstick lovers, there are two special edition lipsticks in this collection ; an exclusive shade of Rouge G lipstick in 821 Rouge Saphir and an exclusive shade of KissKiss lipstick in 563 Rose Indien.

For this collection  Natalia Vodianova  transformed the Rouge G by Guerlain into an Indian jewel with its precious blue bead, like a sapphire. The unique texture of this lipstick combines hyaluronic acid spheres for perfectly smoothed lips and wild mango butter for lasting hydration. And exclusively, the deep ruby red shade of Rouge G is reminiscent of the “Bindi”, a red dot applied by Indian women between the eyes. 

guerlain-christmas2016collection-_glipstick-beautyinfiveminutes-comThe Rouge G de Guerlain lipstick envelops you in a light, delicate scent of a vanilla “floriental” fragrance with top notes sparkle of lemon, orange and bergamot, sweet middle notes of rose and iris heart and base notes of vanilla and tonka bean for a touch of sparkle and intensity. You can find it in Romanian stores starting 15th of November at the price of 234 ron.

The KissKiss lipstick for Christmas, immediately gives the lips their fullness and softness thanks to a formula enriched with plumping hyaluronic acid spheres. Meanwhile Commiphora oil helps smooth the lip surface and makes it perfect for kissing. guerlain-christmas2016collection-_kisskisslipstick-beautyinfiveminutes-comThe well known case of the KissKiss from Guerlain is all about elegant and graceful curves. The lipstick is transformed into a work of art, a sculptural jewel developed like three sleek cubes. The lipstick charms its wearer with its subtle vanilla-violet fragrance that is accompanied with the sparkling scent of berries.

Natalia Vodianova adds : “I sometimes use it on my cheekbones to heighten their colour“. You can find it in Romanian stores starting 15th of November at the price of 185 ron.

I love both lipsticks, you know I’m very much into my hot reds and pinks, but I have to admit I prefer the super red, super chic Rouge G de Guerlain to the KissKiss one. Both are gorgeous both in color and in packaging. I have them both on my wishlist .. Actually I want the entire collection!

The Guerlain Christmas 2016 collection is definitely a collector’s item! Whether you love Guerlain or not, this is a collection that definitely stands out and can proudly stand on any royalty’s vanity. I adore both its amazing packaging and its gorgeous colors and fragrances. It embodies luxury, elegance, chic and femininity, it is definitely uber pampering and a perfect way to say I love you to any lady in your life!














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