Hello my lovely readers today I am sharing with you my impressions on a beauty gadget I got in one of my Pickndazzle boxes, that I had wanted to try for a long time. It is GLOV HIDRO-DEMAQUILLAGE GLOV-ON-THE-GO – Glove for skin cleansing.

But before I start the review I want to share with you in short some things about Pickndazzle (in case you don’t know) : it is a fully personalized beauty box (as per your beauty profile), it comes delivered every month to your home (free delivery) – no effort involved, you can choose, as per the subscription you bought, the products you can afford (and it even shows from the total sum how much you spent and as you fill the box if you spent all the sum or you need to add more; if you have a small sum of money left it shows you only the products you currently afford, very smart right?).
As per your beauty profile you will receive only the products that suit you (for example my oily skin will not react good to a very greasy cream, I was shown only the face creams suited for mine). What I also liked is that you can buy extra products (do not forget that they are ALL Full-Size!) if you wished, with the same discounts as per your subscription: 6 months – 40% reduction, 3 months – 30% reduction, 1 month – 20% reduction.
As you can see the 6 months subscription carries the larger discount. And they list limited offers all the time so check out their page: All you need is to create your beauty profile (otherwise they will fill your box randomly) and by using this link , and the codes: monicat3 (for a 3 month subscription) you get a free product on month 2; monicat6 (for a 6 month subscription) you get 2 free products on month 2 and 5. If you use these codes you get 12 ron off each box so if you get the 6 month subscription you save 72 ron. You can pay online or to the delivery man (ramburs).



And now let’s get back to the GLOV HIDRO-DEMAQUILLAGE GLOV-ON-THE-GO – Glove for skin cleansing. It is designed to be used for make-up removal and skin cleansing. It contains no chemicals; it is used only with clean water. It is designed to remove make-up, thoroughly cleanse skin and prepare it for the application of the cosmetics. Its effectiveness is due to the polyamide and polyester composition. It was made using nanotechnology, making its fibers 100 times thinner than human hair. Well soaked in water, its electrostatic properties cause the ultra-precise collection of make-up and impurities. It is recommended for all skin types – also sensitive or atopic. Perfect for travelling. It is recommended to be changed after 3 months.
Instructions for use: soak well in water, rinse and then remove make-up. Rinse Glov and wash with regular soap, after drying re-use the glove.



I have to admit I have heard of these types of make-up removers so I was curious to try one to see if it really works. If yes, it would be the perfect companion for my travels, it would save me from carrying liquid make-up removers that take space in the luggage and can spill on my clothes.
After a long day and a full make-up on (including black eye-liner and red lipstick) I decided to put GLOV to the test. I soaked it in warm water and started to remove my make-up starting from the eyes. It removes the liquid liner and mascara after several rounds of wiping, rinsing, wiping. It also removed the rest of the make-up, foundation and red lipstick, the residues getting caught in the glove making it look like a contemporary painting. You have to rub it well on the skin to remove the stubborn make-up.


After the make-up was removed I cleansed well the glove with water and regular soap and all the make-up came off immediately, leaving the glove as new. For my second cleanse I used it with my currrent cleanser and it worked well exfoliating lightly and cleansing the skin (it is soft, it doesn’t scratch or irritate the skin). I cleaned it and I put it to dry and it was brand new (I tried to film the entire make-up removal process but it was a fail due to my poor lighting in the bathroom so you have to trust me it works).
What I like about it? The fact that you can take it with you anywhere (it is small like a glove, you can even fold it smaller), you don’t need any other products, it removes the make-up and cleanses the face. What I don’t like about it? Only one thing : you have to rub well to remove the stubborn foundation and mascara and in the eye area it isn’t well recommended.



All in all, the GLOV HIDRO-DEMAQUILLAGE GLOV-ON-THE-GO does what it says, it removes the make-up with only water. It is small and compact therefore travel-friendly and easy to use. It is environmentally friendly since it can be used again and again. It saves you money and time by using only one product and simple water. Due to the rubbing involved it should be used with caution on sensitive skin. It is a product that can be used in many ways: as a make-up remover, as a cleanser, with a daily or weekly exfoliant. If you like your travels with minimal luggage this product is for you! Tell me Have you tried this product? What are your impressions? Until next time, Love, M

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