Gerovital Plant Moisturizing Micellar Water with Organic Poppy Oil, review

I have received this Moisturizing Micellar Water with Organic Poppy Oil together with some other products from this new range from Gerovital Plant at its launch event  a while ago. I have just finished it so this post will be dedicated to its review.

Gerovital-plant-moisturizing-micellar-water-with-organic-poppy-oil-beautyinfiveminutescom1It is described as a moisturizing micellar water, which gently cleanses the face, eyes and lips without aggressing the skin. Its main ingredients are : Aquaxyl which offers optimal skin hydration and Bisabolol and Poppy flowers oil which have soothing, relaxing and antioxidant properties.

It comes in a 150 ml plastic bottle with a pump (which I love, it makes it easy to use and hygienic) and has a valability of 6 months. It is paraben free. It is dedicated to all types of skin (I disagree, the perfume in the ingredient list can be irritating to a sensitive, intolerant skin) and in the age range from 20+ to 35+.

The pump dispenses the right amount of liquid onto the cosmetic pad. The micellar water is quite strongly scented, it has a sweet, flowery scent that didn’t bother me and disappeared after several moments. It removed with ease all the make-up (I had to try several times for the eye make-up) and left the skin cleansed and perfumed. I didn’t have any skin reactions to it but I have a normal to combination skin.  You can see the ingredients below :

Gerovital-plant-moisturizing-micellar-water-with-organic-poppy-oil-beautyinfiveminutescom3It can be found in stores and online at the price of aprox. 15 ron/4 euros .

All in all, Gerovital Plant Moisturizing Micellar Water with Organic Poppy Oil is a decent make-up remover. Due to its strong perfume I tend to cleanse my skin once more with a cleanser. The perfume in the ingredients list (which is quite noticeable) makes it unsuitable for all skin types therefore I give it the B grade. Tell me Have you used this product? What are your impressions ? Until next time,   Love, M



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