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Gerovital Plant launches new range with Poppy Flowers organic oil

Hello my lovely readers I’m back today to tell you more about a new skincare range from Gerovital Plant which was launched last week that has as its star ingredient the Poppy Flowers organic oil. The newest range from Gerovital was launched in a special exhibition which celebrated the Romanian beauty to which Gerovital has contributed greatly as one of the most important Romanian brands nationally and internationally.

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The Poppy Flowers organic oil is well renowned for protecting the skin from daily stress. It is a great ingredient to use in products for dehydrated and dry skin, preventing dehydration, irritation, wrinkles and premature skin aging that come as a result of the daily exposure to the weather, pollution and stress.

Gerovital Plant range with Poppy Flowers organic oilThe newest Gerovital Plant range with Poppy Flowers organic oil contains products for face care, body care and hair care – all the products you need to take care of yourself and maintain an ageless beauty.

 Face care

There are several products for the make-up removal and skin cleansing : Moisturizing micellar water (15 ron/4 euros), Vitamin Cleansing Milk (15 ron/4 euros) and Antioxidant tonic lotion (14 ron/3.60 euros).

To further keep the skin in good condition use once a week the Microderm-abrasion cream (22 ron/5.50 euros). The cream uses natural crystals of corundum, rock with hardness comparable to the diamonds to achieve an effective microdermabrasion. The cream improves skin tonus and texture, with great results for most skin types.  Not to be used on couperose, rosacea, or irritated skin.

For a better moisturization of the skin there are several options : the Moisturizing cream (22 ron/5.50 euros) – a day cream that provides a great moisturization of the face, neck and décolleté. The Multivitamin nourishing cream (22 ron/5.50 euros) – a cream rich in nutrients and vitamins, intended for daily care of face and neck skin. The Eye and Lip contour firming cream (15 ron/4 euros) –  a cream especially for the sensitive skin around the eyes and mouth. The Revitalizing antiwrinkle cream SPF 10 (22 ron/5.50 euros) – a cream for reduction of wrinkles and preventing the appearance of new ones.

Body care

There are several products for the body care too. The Thermic anti cellulite cream (22 ron/5.50 euros) – contains special anti-cellulite ingredients ), active especially during the night (Nocturshape reduces the accumulation of lipids, improves the synthesis of collagen and gives firmness. Aescin together with the poppy flower oil are diminishing the manifestations of cellulite. Methyl Nicotinate improves the action of the active ingredients and the oxygenation of cellulite-affected areas, accelerating the decrease of adipose deposits).

The Restructuring anti stretch marks cream (22 ron/5.50 euros) – contains a complex of special ingredients that diminish the look of stretch marks and prevent their apparition (Centerox and Sepilift stimulate the production of new collagen, which increases skin elasticity. Poppy flower oil and Vitamins A and E protect elastin and collagen fibres. Avocado oil, Inca Omega, Ceramidyl Omega, Shea butter and beeswax contain restructuring and regenerating nutrients).

Hair care

The hair care has not been neglected – there are several products in this range to use. The Moisturizing shampoo (11.30 ron/3 euros) – a hydrating shampoo with a gentle action on the hair, which softly cleanses and protects the hair from root to tip. The Moisturizing conditioner (11.30 ron/3 euros) – a moisturizing conditioner with special active ingredients that act on the whole length of the hair from root to tip.

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As you can see, there are products to suit every need and they are very affordable too. This is what I like most about the  Gerovital Plant products. Very good quality at affordable prices! And they are a Romanian brand which is very successful nationally and abroad! Yes, they are one of the Romanian ladies’ best kept beauty secret!

I have received several products for testing so I’ll be definitely back with impressions and reviews on some of the products from this range (I have started using the Moisturizing micellar water from the day I received it, I love it, I think the pump packaging is the greatest thing – easy to use and hygienic,  I have used already almost half of it, so I’ll definitely post a review very soon).  Tell me What products from  this range would you like to try ? Until next time, Love M









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