Forgive me for I have sinned: seven beauty and style sins

Hello my lovely readers today I thought I would compile a post about several sins of style and beauty we all are or were sometimes guilty of. I think we all can find something that we did in the past that we are not so very proud of or we want to change or do better now.


The first things that come to my mind are related to the summer holiday that is fast approaching and the yearly seaside vacation. I love our seaside, it is beautiful and I always enjoy my holidays there. The first sin many tend to do is the scarce use of the sunscreen (because it is considered useful only at the seaside – wrong!! we should use sunscreen all year round, the higher the better – you can read more in this post the-sun-friend-or-foe).



The second sin is not related to beauty but with style. Laying for many hours on the beach, I cannot help myself to notice the fashion show put by the ladies wearing swimsuits. Firstly, they tend to buy it because it’s in style at that moment, not because it’s the right one for their body type or their complexion and hair. Therefore, you can see ladies who wear swimsuits that do not flatter their body type (too skimpy, small, tight or loose), or displaying an unfortunate colour combination that does not suit them. Last but not least, there are the ladies who try too much, in my opinion, to be sexy and attractive, therefore displaying too much skin. Less is always more, ladies!

For me, a curvy lady, less is definitely more. I tend to buy my clothes, swimsuit included, mindful of what suits me, complements my body type, complexion and hair. I like timeless, elegant, comfortable clothes, that speak of me and my personality. For example, browsing the Seven Sins site, I saw this piece MARKO MICHELLE VIOLET Swimsuit that I really liked : colorful, fun, modern and complementary of my body type (keeping the coloured print on the top, it draws attention from the problematic tummy area). It looks great, it’s fun and modern.

 The third sin is related to the resort/holiday fashion : I understand the usefulness of using the plastic flip-flops on the beach, but I cannot understand the trend of wearing them at the pub and especially at the restaurants in the evening. It’s evening, you’re going out to have dinner in a nice restaurant so it’s not casual, day wear; it’s night time, a time for a more stylish if not elegant attire. I know they’re very comfortable but..

The fourth sin is beauty and care related. Many people, besides using the highest SPF sunscreen, also forget about the proper moisturization and nourishing of the skin, before and after tanning. The skin is burnt by the sun’s powerful rays and needs a lot of hydration. So please use face, eye and body creams liberally as often as you can, so as not to see your skin peeling off; it will not look good – ruining your good-looking tan and it will be very uncomfortable.

Thai Spa- Body-Butter-with-Raspberry& Blackberry-beautyinfiveminutescomThe fifth sin is one I did many years ago : since at home in Bucharest, the beautician was packed full with appointments, I removed my unwanted body hair at the seaside. Happily I went a few hours later to the beach. Although I stayed very little (as I do in the first day, to get my body and skin used to the sun) and wore sunscreen, the sun was damaging to my then sensitive skin so it stung some in the evening. I moisturized it well and stayed in the room the next day to give it time to recover. Remember ladies the skin is very sensitive after the waxing so treat it kindly!

The sixth sin is again related to the fashion and style at the beach. Personally I really hate to see very see-through or slim tanga stype bottoms or tops in the swimsuits. No matter how model-slim and beautiful you are, it’s too much! For me at least. Keep it in the intimacy of your house and relationship. If you are too sexy you may send the wrong message about yourself. Again less is more!

And finally I reached the seventh sin : wearing full make-up at the beach. If it was a photo shoot, I could understand. But in the real life, wearing make-up at the beach is a pain. Even if you stay away from the water, you’ll sweat a lot from the heat of the sun and the make-up will become cakey and sticky and uncomfortable on the skin. Keep your face bare of make-up but well nourished and sun protected with a high SPF sunscreen. If you like a touch of colour wear a pretty coloured lip balm.

And that’s it! These are my seven beauty and style sins. I am sure that all of us have sinned one way or another. Tell me : What other beauty and style sins are there ? Until next time,   Love M

Thank you Beautybarometer for the challenge to write about seven syle and beauty sins. 🙂





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