Essence news : 2015 Spring / Summer releases

Nude, natural looks are the newest trend in make-up and hair. Essence is keeping up with this trend with its latest products for Spring/Summer 2015. Nude, nude and nude again: various soft nude shades for your eyes, lips and nails are the highlights of the newest Essence products .

The I ❤ NUDE limited edition collection consists of longlasting lipsticks and a dramatic black mascara to add expressive
accents to go with the nude look. In addition, practical brushes and
awesome applicators are here to make life a little easier and a
charming bronzing powder provides a shimmering finish. Let’s see the highlights of the newest Essence products.

Let’s start with the make-up :
I ❤ NUDE eyeshadow – 14.20 ron
So natural in love! The nude eyeshadow is light and delicate, and it’s available in beautiful soft eyeshadow nuances. The baked texture ensures an incredibly silky, matt finish for an individual and natural look. Available in 01 vanilla sugar, 02 cake pop, 03 crème brûlée, 04 sweet like chocolate, 05 my favorite tauping and 06 coffee bean.
All about … eyeshadow palettes – 19.80 ron
All about… beautiful eyes: a
gorgeous look is guaranteed by the eyeshadow palettes with six trendy
colors each. The smooth texture of the eyeshadows contains shimmering,
matt and metallic effects – for endless looks.


Quattro eyeshadow – 16.70 ron
Quattro eyeshadow – quattro styles. Different textures ranging from silky shimmering to intensive shine
ensure unlimited creativity with your eye make-up. Perfectly aligned
shades, excellent color-dispersion and long-lasting results make the
quattro eyeshadow an absolute favorite!
Make me brow eyebrow gel mascara – 14.20 ron
Fill up… 3in1 – colour, density and
shape! The tinted gel of the make me brow eyebrow gel mascara contains
tiny fibers that fill in any unwanted gaps for beautifully defined and
full eyebrows.
Lash princess false lash effect mascara – 18.60 ron
Princess(ence) deluxe! The name of the false lash effect mascara says it all.The special, conic shape of the fiber brush provides the lashes with dramatic volume and length – a false lash effect is guaranteed! 
Sun club 2in1 bronzing powder
A touch of summer… all year! The sun club 2in1 bronzing powder conjures-up a light tan on your face and neckline. The powder is available in two versions: the lighter, matt version of
the bronzer is combined with pink blush for a fresh and radiant
complexion while the darker, matt bronzer contains a highlighter to
create gorgeous, shimmering accents. Each powder is produced
individually, which means that every single product is truly unique. 
Silky touch blush – 14.20 ron
Silk skin: a fresh complexion is
essential for perfect style! You can set gorgeous, natural-looking
highlights in soft as well as brighter shades on your cheeks with this
silky-soft blush. 
Longlasting lipliner 
Perfectly defined lips! Outline your lips accurately with the longlasting lipliner. Totally easy to use, it offers the lips intensive, longlasting colour and prevents your lipstick from streaking.The retractable mine makes the pen super-practical, too – the ideal beauty tool! 
Longlasting lipstick nude – 12.80 ron
Lipstick love. You can’t help but fall in love with the longlasting lipsticks by essence. They offer intensive colour for hours on end without drying out your lips. Light and creamy for a wonderfully soft feeling on your lips. Available in 01 wearing only a smile, 02 porcelain doll, 03 come naturally, 04 it’s nude time! and 05 cool nude.

Nude XXXL lipglosses – 11.20 ron

Nude! A nude range is joining the family of popular XXXL lipglosses. Beautiful soft shades highlight every girl’s natural beauty and ensure
the perfect style for every occasion. The subtle colour pigmentation
creates a fresh look. The reservoir brush offers just the right amount
of texture and the soft applicator ensures an especially easy
application. Available in 01 shy beauty, 03 taste the sweets, 05 just nude! and 06 soft almond.
I ❤ TRENDS nail polish – the nudes – 10.00 ron

nude… is sure to make the hearts of all nail polish fans beat a little
faster! the I ❤ TRENDS nail polishes cover each nail in light nude shades – there’s a huge choice of colours and effects, and the special formula ensures that your nails are pampered, too! Available in 02 i nude it, 03 i’m lost in you, 04 cupcake topping, 05 pure soul and 07 hope for love.
Tools :
Brush – tools – easy to apply! 
The concealer-brush
is ideal for applying concealer textures – no matter whether liquid or
creamy. the slightly tapered shape of the bristles ensures particularly
professional and accurate results.The giant eyeshadow applicator has a soft, large sponge to allow a smooth application of eyeshadow on larger surfaces of the eyelid. And the lip-brush
is responsible for the professional application of colour on your lips. The micro-fine nylon bristles are especially soft and allow you to fill
in the contours of your lips accurately. It comes in a sealable,
reusable pouch so it’s an ideal travel companion, too.
The limited edition  I ❤ NUDE and the newest Essence products will be available in stores and online starting February 2015. I have to admit that all the products look lovely and I’m sure that this limited collection will be a great hit, so hurry and check it out in the stores, before it runs out!  Until next time, 

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