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Essence Colour & Go Sparkle Sand Effect Nail Polish in Hey nude! (163), review

Hello my lovely readers today I want to show you an oldie but a goodie, a nail polish I really love for special occasions and not only, since it is so beautiful but discrete in the same time. The star of this post is the Essence Colour & Go Sparkle Sand Effect Nail Polish in Hey nude! (163), a soft nude-pink shade with silver sparkles. Isn’t it gorgeous?

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The bottle has the same classic design as the other Colour and Go polishes. What I don’t like much is the fact that the name and number of the nail polish is in a way hidden, you cannot see it at first glance, you have to search for it a bit; you can find it on the barcode label.

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Essence_Colour&Go_Sparkle _Sand Effect_NailPolish_Hey nude_beautyinfiveminutescom9

The bottle contains 8 ml of nail polish and has a valability of 36 months. One of the things I like most about the Essence Colour and Go polishes is the brush. It is quite wide which makes the application of the nail polish very easy. The nail polish needs two coats to provide the perfect coverage and to show off the beautiful silver glitter. Essence_Colour&Go_Sparkle _Sand Effect_NailPolish_Hey nude_beautyinfiveminutescom4

Essence_Colour&Go_Sparkle _Sand Effect_NailPolish_Hey nude_beautyinfiveminutescom5

On me the Essence Colour & Go Sparkle Sand Effect Nail Polish in Hey nude! (163) lasted for about 5 days without chipping, afterwards it chipped a bit at the tip of the nails.  Unfortunately it cannot be found in stores, maybe online but its price was regular for all Essence Colour & Go nail polishes, about 2-3 dollars.

All in all, the  Essence Colour & Go Sparkle Sand Effect Nail Polish in Hey nude! (163) is one of my most worn and loved nail polishes. If Essence brought it back again I would buy it again and again. I found it to be a gorgeous, great quality sand effect nail polish at a very affordable price. A+ from me! I wanted to write this review to recommend the sand effect nail polishes from Essence. They are definitely worth it! I will be on the look-out for more! Until next time,  Love, M

Essence_Colour&Go_Sparkle _Sand Effect_NailPolish_Hey nude_beautyinfiveminutescom6

Essence_Colour&Go_Sparkle _Sand Effect_NailPolish_Hey nude_beautyinfiveminutescom7

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