Hello my lovely readers, long time no see! I have missed you a lot and I have many things to share with you, many products I tried and many news. I will start with a very yummy review on a body scrub I have tested recently. It is the COCOSOLIS ORGANIC LUXURY COFFEE SCRUB in MANDARIN VANILLA (came into the box I received at the Pickndazzle event).

The COCOSOLIS ORGANIC is an UK-based created with „the wish to create something new and different, healthy and beautiful, evoking excitement and emotion, with uncompromising quality and purity, yet with a responsibility to people and nature”.
Beth and Pam the two lovely ladies behind the brand are very careful to double-check the natural origins of each ingredient; all their raw and essential oils are certified organic and are sourced from internationally approved companies. They want to make their products in the same way they would for themselves and their loved ones.Pickndazzle April 2019 box

You can discover the The COCOSOLIS ORGANIC brand and its products with Pickndazzle. I have written about this very special beauty subscription box back in 2015 when they first came to Romania, you can read about it in the link below.
I was curious back then to try Pickndazzle but at the same time weary, due to my unfortunate experience with the so called „beauty boxes” (when I payed money for samples that I could very well get in the beauty stores – and they weren’t even limited edition or something special), so I didn’t order it. When they announced they wanted to reconnect, I was intrigued so I decided to come to discover Pickndazzle.
And I liked the concept very much: a fully personalized beauty box (as per your beauty profile), it comes delivered every month to your home (free delivery) – no effort involved, you can choose, as per the subscription you bought, the products you can afford (and it even shows from the total sum how much you spent and as you fill the box if you spent all the sum or you need to add more; if you have a small sum of money left it shows you only the products you currently afford, very smart right?).
As per your beauty profile you will receive only the products that suit you (for example my oily skin will not react good to a very greasy cream, I was shown only the face creams suited for mine). What I also liked is that you can buy extra products (do not forget that they are ALL Full-Size!) if you wished, with the same discounts as per your subscription: 6 months – 40% reduction , 3 months – 30% reduction, 1 month – 20% reduction.
As you can see the 6 months subscription carries the larger discount. And they list limited offers all the time so check out their page: All you need is to create your beauty profile (otherwise they will fill your box randomly) and by using this link and the codes: monicat3 (for a 3 month subscription) you get a free product on month 2; monicat6 (for a 6 month subscription) you get 2 free products on month 2 and 5. If you use these codes you get 12 ron off each box so if you get the 6 month subscription you save 72 ron. You can pay online or to the delivery man (ramburs).
I hope I have at least made you intrigued to try Pickndazzle (unfortunately the majority of the brands there are not very known in Romania but as I test the ones in my boxes (I tried to choose various and different ones to discover them) and share them with you, you will change your mind. I have already, with the ones I have tried so far, that I am considering extending my subscription (Disclaimer: I have been gifted the first three months but this won’t change my objectivity to review the products, I won’t recommend something that I won’t buy myself) and I have the most expensive one Premium.

And now that I have finished my very long introduction (you can see that I have missed sharing things with you), let’s discover the COCOSOLIS ORGANIC LUXURY COFFEE SCRUB in MANDARIN VANILLA.
It was created with the highest quality ingredients: a blend of fine Arabica coffee, melted brown sugar, Himalayan salt and a combination of carefully selected organic exotic oils (citrus scent of fresh mandarins and sweet vanilla). It is designed for your total relaxation, it helps you fight cellulite, stretch marks and ageing skin, improves your skin’s blood circulation and elasticity and it’s organic therefore harmless to the body and it’s full of antioxidants. Sounds wonderful right?
It comes in a 70 grams resealable (love this!) pack and has a valability of 6 months.

Instructions to use: moisten your skin thoroughly, pour a small amount of scrub onto your hand, apply with a circular motion on your entire body, leave on your skin from 2 to 10 minutes and enjoy that divine scent, rinse well and dry with a soft towel and enjoy your velvety skin! (if you are sensitive or have rosacea skin, do not use or try a skin compatibility test on a small area 24 hours before use).
What can I say? It is a dream! The scent is wonderfully luxurious (you are instantly transported into the most wonderful relaxing spa atmosphere, therefore you can have it at home with far less money). If you like your chocolate with citruses you will adore this scrub! The scent is strong but I didn’t mind it a bit, my bath smelled incredible! (if you are more into discrete scents these scrubs are not for you!)

It is indeed quite strong for the skin due to the coffee that is doing all the exfoliation, so if you are sensitive check out the instructions to use. Fortunately I enjoyed very well the scrub, my skin felt velvety soft and deliciously perfumed afterwards. I didn’t have any skin reactions to the scrub besides a very short reddening due to the increased blood circulation. My body felt refreshed and pampered therefore I left the bath relaxed and in a great mood.

I did not use the entire package (it depends on you how much you use, therefore how deep the exfoliation will be, I really love the fact that it is resealable, you can close the package and use the rest another time for another pamper session). There are three more scrubs into the range to choose from: Peachy Melon, Minty Vanilla (I think this one will be wonderfully cooling in the hot summer time) and Choco Caramel, all seem wonderful, isn’t it? You can find them online in a box (all four of them), only with Pickndazzle you can choose each one individually to try.

All in all, I really enjoyed the COCOSOLIS ORGANIC LUXURY COFFEE SCRUB in MANDARIN VANILLA (since I used it a bit sparingly I still have approximately one use left). I really recommend it if you love your body exfoliation, your skin velvety soft and your bath smelling divinely! I am really glad that through Pickndazzle we can try them individually (maybe I am not into every scent available I won’t waste my money on what I won’t use) – remember: with the link  and the codes: monicat3 (for a 3 month subscription) you get a free product on month 2; monicat6 (for a 6 month subscription) you get 2 free products on month 2 and 5. If you use these codes you get 12 ron off each box so if you get the 6 month subscription you save 72 ron. From me the COCOSOLIS ORGANIC LUXURY COFFEE SCRUB in MANDARIN VANILLA gets the A grade! Until next time, Love, M

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