B.U. Wild – the scent of my happy youth

Yes, I love B.U. ! I have worn many of its signature scents in my Uni years so every time I see it in stores it brings back many fun and happy memories. And yes my very favourite is the yellow one as we all know it : B.U. Wild . It was launched for the first time 18 years ago and since then it has made its way into our hearts, bringing back feelings and memories with its youthful and fun scent.


Now, in 2016 B.U. Wild has updated its packaging to suit the modern world we live in but it retained its signature scent we all love. I love its fresh scent, it makes me feel free and untamed to enjoy my life at maximum speed by my very own rules. Its top notes are made of lily , galbanum and green notes ; the middle notes are strawberry , rose, jasmine and carnation ; the base notes are musk and amber. A very interesting combination that created a youthful, fresh perfume which exudes a certain joie du vivre, out of the ordinary attitude and a free lifestyle. You can be yourself , beautiful and free, as the name B.U. evokes, no limits to your imagination.

You can find B.U. Wild in stores as Deo Spray (12,50 ron),  Eau De Toilette 50ml (47 ron) and Natural Spray 75ml (24 ron).

I like to wear both the deodorant and the perfume to create a more powerful scent and make it last longer. It is a fresh, clean scent that does not last longer that 3-4 hours on me (by using both the deodorant and the perfume together the effect is more long-lasting). For me B.U. Wild is more than a scent, it is a familiar feeling of comfort that brings back happy memories and makes me feel good every time I wear it. And I will buy it again and again every time.. Until next time,   Love, M



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