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Hello my lovely readers today I’m back with news from an interesting brand I want to discover more this year Artistry. They have recently launched a new limited make-up collection called the Artistry Modern Icon collection and I am happy to share it with you. I haven’t tried any make-up products from Artistry and I am really curious and intrigued to discover if the products feel as good as they look.

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The Artistry Modern Icon collection brings the fun and colorful spring into the make-up to create a modern and elegant day to day look. There are six pieces in this limited edition collection that work together to create modern, iconic, statement look that is both glamour and fun.


I want to start with my favorite the Artistry Signature Color™ Lip Shine (123,73 ron), a product that combines the creamy texture of a lipstick with the shine of a gloss. There are two shades in this collection Soft Rose and Fuchsia and I love them both. I think they complement any skin color and make the lips fuller, more sensual and very kissable!


My second fave is the Artistry Signature Color™ Highlighting Tint (170,88 ron), a liquid illuminating shadow that contains white, rose and gold illuminating pearl particles to give an instant healthy glow to the skin. I am sure that in the summer time over a tanned complexion it will look great!


For perfect brows on-the-go you can try the Artistry Signature Color™ Brow Kit (170,37 ron), a kit that is easy to use and to carry in the purse for touch-ups. It contains two brow powders in Espresso and Taupe, a setting wax, a little angled brush and a little spooly brush for a great application and a mirror. I really like the products that are easy to use, they save precious time that can be used more efficiently elsewhere.

Artistry_ModernIcon_collection_beautyinfiveminutescom4The eye shadows in this collection the Artistry Signature Color™ Shimmer Powder Eye Duo (232,78 ron) come in duos, Subtle Chic in shades of gold and peach, my faves, and So Chic in shades of pink and blue.

The formula of these eye shadows also contain pearl particles for an intense pigmentation and shine. I really like the packaging with the little brush included for a very easy application on-the-go. All that shades are suitable for any eye color, preference and occasion.


Personally I am really intrigued about this collection, the packaging is very girly, colorful and fun and the products look really good. I am curious about the pigmentation and wear of these products during the day. It is a good make-up collection, really suitable for all skin colors and occasions which makes it also a good investment (I really like to get the most out of my make-up, not to use it once in a while because the colors are very restrictive). All in all, I am really excited to see what will Artistry bring next.

To keep the good news coming, Artistry has also launched a new set of Artistry make-up brushes (317,90 ron), containing all the essential tools to create a professional make-up look. This set can be used at home to create the look of the day or on-the-go for touch-ups.

ARTISTRY Brush set

This set contains 7 make-up brushes. There are three face brushes, the liquid foundation brush made with synthetic bristles has a flat edge for an easy and uniform application of the foundation. The powder brush is made with natural goat bristles to create an even application of the powder on the face. The blush brush is also made with goat bristles to create an even application of the blush for a natural effect.

There are three eye brushes, the medium eye shadow brush is flat and thick and made with natural pony bristles for an even and precise application of the shadow on the eyelid. It can be used with creamy or powder products.

The smaller eye shadow brush is also made with natural pony bristles and can be used for a precise application of the shadow on the bottom lashes or in the inner corner of the eye. It can be used for the application or blending of the eye shadow in very specific areas.

There is also a double ended brow brush, which is also made with synthetic bristles and can be used for the application of the brow products or for the gel eyeliner.

The last brush of this set is the lip brush. It is also made with synthetic bristles that allow for a precise and easy application of the lipstick. This brush also has a cap which keeps it clean and prevents the stains of the lipstick in your bag.

If you are a make-up lover or a beginner make-up artist you can use this set. It is easy to use and to carry due to the case and what I like most all the brushes are multi-functional, they can be used in various ways for a maximum efficiency and effect. Tell me Have you tried any Artistry make-up products or brushes ? What are your impressions ? Until next time,   Love, M





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