Apivita Caring Lavender range, a great winter help for the sensitive, dry skin

Hello my lovely readers today I’m back with news from Apivita: it has just launched a new body care collection, the Apivita Caring Lavender range. It is a new hypoallergenic range for sensitive and dry skin, just perfect for the colder season. Let’s find out more :


The new natural (natural ingredients up to 99%) Apivita Caring Lavender range moisturizes the sensitive and dry, dehydrated skin, offering immediate relief from itching, burning and stinging sensation. It is rich in soothing, moisturizing and softening active ingredients such as Lauryl Olivate (derived from olive oil), a great soothing active ingredient that offers immediate relief from stinging, burning, tightness and irritation of skin.

Due to the Beeswax, Greek olive oil, Shea butter, Almond oil and Rose oil, they have a nourishing effect on the skin keeping it moisturized up to 4 hours after application and reduce with up to 29% the tissue water loss. By boosting its protective barrier, they have a protecting effect on the skin.

The Calendula, Allantoin and α-bisabolol help against irritations and have soothing and softening properties.

It also provides antioxidant protection with the patented extract from 3 siderites species and vitamins. There are used infusions from Greek plants and herbs with proven and excellent antioxidant properties, such as the patented infusion from 3 siderites species (Sideritis Scardica, Sideritis Perfoliata, Sideritis Raiseri). The 3 types of siderites are harvested from the APIVITA organic cultivations in Olympus, they offer antioxidant, moisturizing and photo protective properties and prevent premature skin ageing.

It also contains hypoallergenic Greek lavender which has warm and relaxing properties and offers a holistic rejuvenating treatment, being used from ancient times as an analgesic and antiseptic.


The Apivita Caring Lavender range is ideal for the treatment of the sensitive and dry skin, it is suitable for children over 3 years, for adolescents and for adults with sensitive skin, for men and women with dry or dehydrated skin and for everyone who needs relief from itching, irritating and burning sensation.


The Apivita Caring Lavender range contains three products; a Gentle Shower Gel for Sensitive Skin/ Hypoallergenic (300 ml/aprox.15 euros) with lavender & olive oil – gently cleanses, soothes, moisturizes and does not irritate the sensitive skin, leaving it soft.

96% natural ingredients. It contains Lauryl Olivate (soothes the sensitive skin, providing relief from symptoms such as stinging and itching and improving its elasticity). Greek lavender and Calendula extracts (anti-inflammatory and soothing action). Greek thyme honey, Greek olive oil, Almond oil and Panthenol (Provitamin B5), (enhance the skin’s hydrolipidic film and improve the moisture levels of the skin).

Moisturizing and Soothing Body Cream/Hypoallergenic (150 ml/aprox.16 euros), it soothes sensitive skin instantly, moisturizes and nourishes the skin in depth. It can also be used for the care of the atopic skin (eczema).

95% natural ingredients. It contains Lauryl Olivate (instant relief for the itching, burning and stinging skin). Greek lavender extract, Allantoin α- bisabolol (anti-inflammatory and soothing properties). A moisturizing complex of Greek thyme honey, bio-active Aloe and Provitamin B5 (panthenol), (instant and intense moisturization, enhancing the skin’s hydrolipidic film). Beeswax, Shea butter, Almond oil and Greek olive oil (nourish and protect the skin).

And last but not least, a Moisturizing and Relaxing body oil/Hypoallergenic (150ml/aprox.20 euros), it moisturizes and soothes sensitive and dry skin. Easily absorbed without leaving any traces of oiliness. Ideal for fans of oils and for combating insomnia.

99% natural ingredients. It contains Almond oil, Greek olive oil, Rose & Calendula oil (nourish the skin and keep it hydrated). Lauryl Olivate & α-bisabolol (instant soothing effect, enhancing the skin barrier). Greek lavender essential oil (relaxing properties). Vitamins E, A, C (antioxidant protection).

I am a big fan of all relaxing things : oils, plants, teas, music, candles and more. When I am very tired and stressed out I can’t think of a better way to relax then having a bath, lighting a candle and listening to music or reading a book. Now I can add the Apivita Caring Lavender range to my relaxing routine. I am sure that after a Lavender scented bath I will sleep wonderfully! Santa I’ve been very good this year please bring me the Apivita Caring Lavender range under the tree!

The range is also perfect as a gift for all your dear ones and if you are not a fan of the lavender, you can choose from the many Apivita gift sets they have in all the stores (the Apivita store in Baneasa Shopping City and in all Sensiblu pharmacies). You can choose hand care gifts (FOR THE HANDS I ADMIRE), body care sets (PURE JASMINE IS YOUR NATURAL SCENT, THE ROYAL TREAT), face care sets (CLEANSING IS NATURE’S GIFT, RADIANCE IS ON THE FACE I LOVE, FOR THE QUEEN OF MY HEART). I really love the names!! There is also a set for all the men in our lives (NATURAL CARE FOR MY MAN). Happy holiday shopping! Until next time,   Love, M






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