Yves Rocher Quelques Notes d’Amour perfume – the love that cures all

Today is not a good day. It is cold, humid, grey, no sunshine, people with no smiles on their faces, no kind words, no love. Everybody is in a hurry, no time to talk or enjoy the small pleasures of the day. In a day like this I need light, I need sunshine, I need colour, I need fun, I need a smiling face and a kind word, I need love.

So I put on a bold red or pink lip and I spray one of my favourite perfumes Quelques Notes d’Amour by Yves Rocher. After putting it on, I instantly feel better! 

It is the latest release from Yves Rocher and from the moment I stepped into the shop and sampled it I knew I would love it! It is my second most loved perfume from Yves Rocher , the first being hands down Moments du Bonheur!! I simply adore it!!

My perfume is in the 30ml/1oz.bottle. I adore the design of the bottle – timeless, precious, dainty, sensual, feminine, discrete and to top it all adorned with a heart. It looks lovely on the vanity table alongside mother’s pearls and a hot red lipstick.
It is is a fragrance that embodies emotions and desires only love is capable of inspiring. It is an exceptional perfume, with a modern and unique personality.
Quelques Notes d’Amour is made of a rich and unique composition:
– Rose Damascena – fruity notes,
– Guaiac Wood essence – smoky accents,
– sensual Benzoin extract – Vanilla and balsamic notes.

It is warm, sensual and very feminine. It is floral but not in a fresh way, a perfect combination of rose, wood, and a hint of spice. I simply love it, when I wear it I feel happy, full of sunshine and optimism – it restores my mood if I don’t feel well.

You can see the ingredients here:
If you want to find out more about the brand or other Yves Rocher products you can read here – yves-rocher-jardins-du-monde-orange , out-with-old-yves-rocher-volume-vertige , my-current-winter-skin-and-body-care .
You can find it in all Yves Rocher shops and online here at the price of 59 dollars (full price) / 185 ron (full price) – 1.6 fl.oz. / 50 ml bottle.

Remember – don’t give up on love, keep searching for it, at the end it is all worth it! All you need is love!
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