Yves Rocher 2017 Christmas collection, info and impressions #Santasbag

Hello my lovely readers, long time no see, I’ve been through another busy time and I left the Christmas shopping to the last minute, so I thought I would share with you some of my favorites and some suggestions and shopping ideas for all budgets and tastes. I’ll start with one of my favorite brands to gift, Yves Rocher.

They have great products, beautifully packaged and great offers all year round, but what I expect with great interest all year long is their limited edition Christmas collection. Their Christmas collections are simply gorgeously packaged and they smell divine. They are pampering and self-indulgent and on a decent price range, so Yves Rocher is a definite contender for Santa’s best help.


And this year was no exception. This year’s Christmas collection is magical, filled with color and joy. There are two ranges in this collection, one with White Vanilla and the other with Marvelous Berries. Both of them smell and look fantastic and festive in white, red and golden combinations. I have tried some of the products in both ranges so I can share with you my impressions.


There are shower gels (18.90 ron/2 dollars) in both ranges, both of them smell wonderful and the scent remains in the bath, making it feel spa like. The shower gels gently cleanse the skin leaving it pleasantly perfumed. For a drier skin you need to further moisturize the body with a body lotion or butter if you need a deeper hydration.

There are also Body Lotions in both ranges (18.90 ron/3 dollars), the texture is a bit runnier and the moisturization is great for a normal skin. The skin is left soft and smooth and deliciously perfumed. For a drier skin you can use the Body Butter in the White Vanilla range (45.90 ron/16 dollars). Being enriched with Shea butter, it leaves the dry skin hydrated, velvety soft and perfumed.


There is also a Sugar Body Scrub in the Marvelous Berries range (45.90 ron/16 dollars). It is a sugar scrub with Red Berries scent that leaves the skin beautifully exfoliated and nourished. A normal skin needs no further hydration after this scrub but if you have a dry skin you need to further hydrate it. If you have a sensitive skin prone to injury keep away from sugar scrubs, they can harm your blood vessels and skin.

For the hands, there are two Hand Soaps in both ranges (14.90 ron/3 dollars), that gently cleanse the skin, leaving it perfumed and hydrated. To nourish the hands there are two Hand Creams in both ranges (14.90 ron/2 dollars) for all tastes.


YvesRocher_2017_Christmas_collection5_beautyinfiveminutescomFor the ladies who love perfumes there is an Eau de Toilette in both ranges (47.90 ron) in an 100 ml bottle. I have the Marvelous Berries and I love it especially now in the colder season. It is sweet, berry scented and festive. On me it lasts for about 3-4 hours, then I have to reapply. I love it and I think I will buy the White Vanilla too.


If you like home scents like I do, you will love the two Perfumed Candles in both ranges (29.90 ron/9 dollars). They are so festive and beautifully packaged and the scent fills the house with festive joy.

And last but not least, for the lips there are two Lip Balms in both ranges (14.90 ron/2 dollars), they leave the lips nourished and protected and wonderfully perfumed.


As you can see, there are products in the Yves Rocher 2017 Christmas collection for all tastes and occasions. If you need a sock filler or you’re on a tight budget you can buy the lip balm and hand cream together or separate. There are many gift packs and ideas in all Yves Rocher stores starting from 22.90 ron.


YvesRocher_2017_Christmas_collection7_beautyinfiveminutescomAnd if you’re feeling spendy and want to offer almost a month of pampering to your loved lady, you can buy the Yves Rocher Advent Calendar (199 ron), It houses 24 boxes with body, make-up and perfume miniatures, a pleasant surprise to discover every day until Christmas or in her birth month.


YvesRocher_2017_Christmas_collection10_beautyinfiveminutescomFor me the Yves Rocher 2017 Christmas collection didn’t disappoint, I love all the products I have tried, they look and smell wonderful and they are the perfect gift for the lady you love. What I love most, is the price accessibility and the great quality of the products. In addition to this, there are many great offers from Yves Rocher all the time, what’s not to love?

So if you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping, go and check out the Yves Rocher stores, I am sure you will find there a little something for your loved ones. Yves Rocher, approved for #Santasbag . Tell me Have you tried anything from this collection? What are your favorites? Until next time,   Love, M









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