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Wycon Soft Mousse eyeshadows in 09 (Rose Gold) and 15 (Champagne), review

Today’s post, my lovely readers, is long overdue. As I told you in a previous post, I fell in love with Wycon in Italy where I was on an educational project. Since then, they opened a shop in Romania on Selari street no.7 – post here , when I last went there I bought two long-lasting eyeshadows I really wanted – Wycon Soft Mousse eyeshadows in 09 (Rose Gold) and 15 (Champagne). Now it’s time to share with you my impressions on them.

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They are mousse cream eyeshadows with a long-lasting effect. With a creamy and light texture they are very easy to apply (using the hands) and they have a pearly, shiny effect onto the lids. Waterproof. No parabens.

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I adore both shades, the golden rose and the champagne. They are very easy to use, you take them out from the pot with the fingers (a very small quantity is enough), then rapidly apply it onto the lid and blend well. Do each lid separately, they set very fast and they don’t budge until taken off with a strong make-up remover.

What I don’t like about them is the pot packaging. You have to take them out from the pot with the fingers, so it’s not very hygienic, plus in contact with the air the creamy eyeshadows can dry out faster. So use them quickly and close well the lid.

They are well pigmented and very shiny. I love them on the lids on their own or topped with a powder eyeshadow. You can see them below – 09 (Rose Gold) and 15 (Champagne) :wycon soft mousse eyeshadowno9-beautyinfiveminutes-2016wycon soft mousse no9 eyeshadowswatch-beautyinfiveminutes-2016wycon soft mousse no9 eyeshadowswatch-beautyinfiveminutes-2016 (2)wycon soft mousse eyeshadowno15-beautyinfiveminutes-2016wycon soft mousse no15 eyeshadowswatch-beautyinfiveminutes-2016What can I say ? I adore them! I have hooded, very oily lids. I have to wear a strong primer or base so that my eyeshadows can stay on, creaseless all day (and I usually stay around 8 to 10 hours with my make-up on, from early in the morning to late at night). With these two my eye make-up is perfect all day. This is why I chose them in the store, they are quite neutral, therefore versatile, I can top them with a wide range of colours.

You can also use them differently: the rose gold one as the creamy blush to be worn as such or topped with a powder one and the champagne one as a creamy highlighter – on the of the cheekbones, under the eyebrows, on the inner corner of the eye and on the Cupid’s bow. I can assure you they don’t budge all day after they set! On my very oily lids I am sure they can keep my eye make-up perfect all day. From me, they receive a big A!!

You can find them in Wycon’s store in Bucharest and internationally online (wyconcosmetics.com) at the price of aprox. 35 ron/6.90 euros). Tell me Have you tried them ? What are your impressions on them ? Until next time,   Love M




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