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Vectem Pon-Emo 250 dermatological lipoprotein-enriched shampoo and body wash gel, review

I have spoken to you before in my posts of my struggles of finding the right shampoo for my very oily hair, that lacks volume and tangles very easily. Well today’s post is about a new discovery Vectem Pon-Emo 250 – a dermatological lipoprotein-enriched shampoo and body wash gel.

The producer if this product is Vectem, a Spanish dermatocosmetics producer, well known in the medical world but less known in Romania. If you want to find out more about Vectem, check out this post : Focus on ..Vectem . vectem pon-emo 2501

This product is a multi-functional one (the way I like it, saves both time and money) – it is both a shampoo and a shower gel dedicated to sensitive, intolerant skin and greasy hair. It cleanses and protects the intolerant, sensitive skin and hair that do not react well to conventional shower gels or shampoos. It has an excellent skin tolerance.

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It forms a creamy and highly protective foam with emollient and dispersing properties, very suitable for cleansing sensitive, flaky skin and delicate areas. It is also indicated for the daily cleansing of oily hair, promising to add volume to it. I have to admit I had from the start high hopes from it. It sounds right up my alley!

It comes in a 250 ml plastic recipient with a secure cap (very sturdy, therefore travel friendly – a two-in-one product). It has a valability of 18 months. It has a fresh, pine/methol scent that I like, it is quite strong, perfuming both the skin and the bath.

As a shower gel – I used it only once to see it at work, it gently cleansed the skin, leaving it squeaky clean and happy. I didn’t have any skin reactions to it, reddening or itching – it is indeed very suitable for sensitive, reactive, intolerant skin. I did feel the need to moisturize afterwards.

As a hair shampoo – I wanted from the start to use it as a shampoo for my oily hair. I cleansed my hair twice a week, as I usually do, it gently cleansed the hair, leaving  it refreshed and very clean.

It did not cause me dandruff or other scalp reactions like itching. After several weeks of use it increased with one day my time between washes. It did not decrease my oiliness in my hair or improve its volume. I did not feel my hair dehydrated or drier after using this shampoo, more than I usually do with other products. It did made my hair more tangled than usual but it did not bother my very much.

Due to its mild washing action it is a suitable hair shampoo for the dry, very dyed, burnt hair, causing it no other discomfort or harm.  You can check out below information on the Pon-Emo range of products available (Romanian only).

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Ingredients :

vectem pon-emo 250 ingredients

You can find it in pharmacies and online at the price of aprox. 20-25 ron.

All in all, Vectem Pon-Emo 250 is a  good shower gel and shampoo for sensitive, intolerant skin, gently cleansing and causing no further  irritations and discomfort . I liked and used it most as a shampoo for my oily hair; this is the best one I’ve tried so far – it did not increased my oiliness, it increased slightly my time between washes, it did not dry my hair or cause me dandruff. For me, at least for now, it is the best shampoo for my oily hair, therefore I give it the A grade. Tell me : Have you tried it? What are your impressions on it ? Until next time,  Love, M

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