Two faves from Melkior : Pacific Blue nail lacquer and 9-in-one Base Coat

Hello my lovely readers, first of all may you have a wonderful new year filled with joy! Today I was in the mood for a touch of color so I thought I would show you a nail polish I really love from Melkior in the shade Pacific Blue, a lovely turquoise-blue shade, perfect to put me in a great mood.



The Pacific Blue nail lacquer is part of the permanent Melkior nail polish collection and comes in two sizes – 4,5 ml (which I have)/9.90 ron and 15 ml/29 ron. It promises to deliver great coverage, fast drying and long-lasting staying power.

It has a decent brush which makes it easy to apply evenly on the nails. I applied it over the Melkior 9-in-one Base Coat (I’ll get into it later) then topped it off with the Milani Glosse Top Coat. It dries very fast in one minute or so for the first layer, I added another two layers to get the color shade I wanted.



I paired it with the very useful Melkior Nail Laquer Correction Pen (perfect for the clumsy polish users like me, who always dirty the nails with the nail polish). I adore it, I can easily clean the nail polish around the nail to make it look perfect.


I love the fact that it dried very quickly compared with other nail  polishes, and it stayed on for about 5 days. I also love the colour and how it looks on my nails. It can be found in all Melkior stores and online. From me, it gets a -A (great quality, fast drying, long-lasting, great colour, affordable price).

Another fave of mine I have discovered with this nail polish is the Melkior 9-in-one Base Coat. It promises to protect and level the nail polishes, whitens and strengthens the nails, accelerates the nail growth and is quickly absorbed into the skin, creates a great adherence as a base for the nail polish on top and enlarges the resistance of the nail polish on the nails and finally protects the nail from the strong pigment of the nail polish, preventing it from becoming yellow after a long period of use.



I love this base so much that I wear it as a nail polish every day when I don’t wear colorful nail polishes on my nails. It is easy to apply, it is absorbed and it dries almost instantly, leaving the nails covered in an almost sheer white base which looks very natural and healthy on the nails.

The nail polishes over it, applied very well and lasted for a decent 5 days on average, which is great since I tend to chip my nails from the first day of application on some nail polishes. I have used almost half the bottle and my nails feel strengthened, they don’t break or flake and they look healthy and good.



The 9-in-one Base Coat can be found in all Melkior stores and online at the price of 29.90 ron/4,5 ml. From me it gets an A (I love how healthy my nails look and feel with only this base on, I will repurchase it for sure), great quality for a great price.

I have some more Melkior products to tell you about but in another post. What I love most about Melkior is the great quality of the products at a very good price and the fact that they have promotions and offers all the time and if that’s not enough they release new and exciting products all the time!! Tell me What are your favorites from Melkior? Until next time,   Love, M




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