The Body Shop news : Down to Earth eye shadow quads, Elixirs of Nature perfumes

Hello my lovely readers, today I’m bringing you the latest releases from The Body Shop : the Down to Earth eye shadow quads and Elixirs of Nature perfumes. I have been, as per usual, in store to check out the new products and share with you my impressions on them.

The Down to Earth Eye shadow Palette (154 ron/36 dollars) is a mix of 8 eye shadow shades, inspired by nature in a wide range of neutral shades to showcase the beauty of all skin tones and eye colors. The palette has a built in mirror, and the individual shades all click in and out of the palette casing, so you can switch shades between palettes and quads! (The palette is pre-filled, so shades can’t be swapped prior to purchase).


The 8 shades come in 3 different finishes: true mattes, iridescent shimmers and eye-catching sparkles. All shades can be used dry for easy blending or wet for more intense, vibrant color. The shades in the palette are : Sahara Dune (Matte), Aztec Gold (Shimmer), Provence Ochre (Shimmer), Bengal Granite (Sparkle), Peru Clay (Matte), Kilimanjaro Rock (Shimmer), Zawar Zinc (Shimmer), Black Canyon Onyx (Matte).


The Down to Earth Eye shadow Quads (99 ron/24 dollars) are 100% Vegan. Available in gold, brown, plum, gray, brown and black to perfectly compliment any eye color and complexion. Each quad and palette feature shades in three varying finishes: true mattes, iridescent shimmers and eye-catching sparkles.

All the individual shades in these quads click in and out of the palette casing, so you can switch shades between palettes and quads. All the shades can be used dry for easy blending or wet for more intense, vibrant color.

The Down to Earth Eye shadow Quad Brown contains 4 neutral eye shadow shades : Oregon Sunstone, Peru Clay, Sienna Dust and Idaho Jasper.


The Down to Earth Eyeshadow Quad Plum contains 4 neutral eyshadow shades : Attica Marble, Petra Sandstone, Penrhyn Slate and Bengal Granite.


The Down to Earth Eyeshadow Quad Gold contains 4 neutral eyshadow shades : Sahara Dune, Aztec Gold, Essaouria Bronze and Amazonian Earth.

thebodyshop_downtoearthquadeyepalette_gold_beautyuinfiveminutescomThe Down to Earth Eyeshadow Quad Grey contains 4 neutral eyshadow shades : India Rose Quartz, Atlas Rhassoul, Cerro Rico Silver and Siberia Anthracite.

thebodyshop_downtoearthquadeyepalette_grey_beautyinfiveminutescomThe Down to Earth Eyeshadow Quad Black contains 4 neutral eyshadow shades : Scandinavian Steel, California Lapis, Australia Quartz and Black Canyon Onyx.

thebodyshop_downtoearthquadeyepalette_black_beautyinfiveminutescomThere is also a Down to Earth dual-ended eyes shadow makeup brush (92 ron/19 dollars). On one end there is a slanted brush, perfect for creating precise lines. The other end is a blender brush, which is designed to blend colors and build intensity.

All the palettes have made a good impression on me in the store, they are pigmented, buttery and easy to use. I really love the Brown, Plum and Gold ones (I am really into warm shades at the moment). I really like the fact that, after finishing the current shades, they click in and out of the palette casing,  and you can switch shades between palettes and quads and customize your own palette as you wish.

Another newly launched range is the Elixirs of Nature perfume range. The collection is inspired by some of the planet’s most precious natural scents. Aromas that with no protection, might disappear from the world someday. Using a technology called ‘Headspace technology’, the essence of each botanical scent is recreated without harm, allowing them to live on, just as wild as nature intended them to be.

The ‘Headspace technology’ means cocooning the plant, flower or wood in a hollow dome or glass sphere, and creating a vacuum where the scent emitted by the plant flower or wood can be sampled. The essence is then recreated and incorporated into a bottled fragrance, leaving nature unharmed.

The ‘Elixirs of Nature’ range is the result of recreating the scants of some of the rarest and beautiful smelling plant species that blend perfectly with natural essences and extracts.

Nigritella (170 ron) – is inspired by the the Alps, in Switzerland and is luxuriant floral mix of Red Vanilla Orchid, enriched with a touch of tuberose and vanilla to create a sensual scent. The fragrance instantly transports you high in the Swiss Alps where this plant blooms.


Kahaia (170 ron) – is a white floral bouquet starring the Kahaia flower, combined with an enticing mix of Jasmine Sambac and creamy Benzoin for a luminous touch. It takes you on a tropical island at night, where everything is warm, tranquil and serene.

thebodyshop_kahaia_beautyinfiveminutescomSwietenia (170 ron) – the perfume combines the subtle floral scent of the Mahogany flower with the sparkling breeze of orange flower and bigarade leaf. This fragrance instantly transports you to the humid planes of Bangalore, South India, reviving you with its delicate freshness.


Bowhanti (170 ron) – is a spicy woody scent, Bowhanti from the Wacapou tree is combined with a smoky blend of patchouli and incense. This fragrance will transport you to the French Guianan tropical rainforest with its modern spices, resonant woods and piquant notes.


Widdringtonia (170 ron) – is a woody aromatic mix of Clanwilliam cedarwood, with a warm trail of sage and vetiver for an earthy sophistication. It takes you to the species’ spiritual home in South Africa’s Western Cape: a breath of fresh air at the summit of the Cederberg Mountain range. Widdringtonia is unique and edgy on a daring woman.

thebodyshop_widdringtonia_beautyinfiveminutescomFrom all these beautiful perfumes I liked the best Nigritella and Widdringtonia . On me Nigritella lasted for about 3-4 hours. If you fancy any of them go and try them in the stores.

Also new is the the Fresh Nude Cushion Foundation, I was curious to try it in store so I’m back with a first impression. The texture of this cushion foundation is very airy and light and it created a light to slightly medium coverage. It unifies the shade of the skin and covers small imperfections. It doesn’t have very dewy finish as the other cushion foundation I’ve tried , which is a good news for the combination to oily skinned ladies like me. I really liked it, it is a good foundation for the warmer season for me.

thebodyshop_freshnudecushionfoundation_beautyinfiveminutescomThere are many, new, interesting products to try from The Body Shop. If I managed to tempt you, go and check them out in the stores! I really like the Down to Earth quads, they are pigmented, easy to work with and suitable for all skin tones and occasions. And you have several choices to choose from. Tell me : What are your favourites from The Body Shop ? until next time,   Love, M





















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