Thai Spa Body Butter with Raspberry & Blackberry – review

I love to use body butters in the colder seasons; my skin tightens and feels very uncomfortable. I managed to finish the last body butter (for this winter season) these days so today it’s time I share my thoughts on it with you. It’s the Thai Spa (ex. Fennel) Body Butter with Raspberry & Blackberry.

Thai Spa body butters ensure an intensive skin hydration offering smoothness and beauty. Thai
Spa shows a large range of flavors to choose from: avocado and olives,
shea, cocoa, cucumber and melon, mango, grapefruit, raspberries and
blackberries and for skin exfoliation it uses the cocoa based scrub.  
As its name suggests – super moisturizing cream – it is designed for dry to very dry skin, having a rich and thick texture and a high amount of nutrients. It keeps the skin hydrated for many hours, leaving it velvety soft, protected from the external factors and with a nice berry flavour. The Blackberry extract hydrates the skin, leaving it shiny and smooth.

It comes in a 200 ml recipient and has a valability of 12 months.
Direction for use : Massage over the body after bathing or showering. Give yourself a few minutes to dry before getting dressed. It is recommended to use a scrub once a week, to eliminate the dead cells of the skin. The butter will be better absorbed by the skin.

It has a thick, rich texture and a sweet berry smell (The smell lasts for about 1 hour). The texture is quicky absorbed into the skin, leaving it nourished and
soft. I felt the need to re-apply the body butter several hours
later (I have normal skin). I didn’t have any reactions to it like itching or reddening of
the skin.

You can see the ingredients below :

It can be found in all shops at the price of aprox.15 ron.
All in all, Thai Spa Body Butter with Raspberry & Blackberry is a good product for normal to slightly dry skin (I have normal skin
and it worked for me in the winter time; my mom who has very dry skin has tried it several times and it didn’t provide the moisturization she needed, she felt the need to further moisturize afterwards). I give it the B grade (it is designed for dry to very dry skin – it doesn’t nourish enough). If you
need a decently priced body butter for normal to slightly dry skin give it a
go !  Until next time , 

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