Standing up for Advent Calendars (Douglas Advent Calendar 2017)

Hello my lovely readers, in today’s post I will share with you some interesting information about Advent Calendars, their origins, for what purpose were they created and share my thoughts and impressions on the Douglas Advent Calendar 2017  which I opened last December.

Douglas_Advent_Calendar_2017_beautyinfiveminutescomAdvent Calendars are very used and loved during the Christmas period in many foreign countries, they are considered almost a Christmas tradition in UK at least, and now I am happy to see that in the last few years they have started to be popular here in Romania too. Let’s see what was the origin of the Advent Calendar.


The word ‘Advent’ has a Latin origin meaning ‘the coming,’ or more accurately, ‘coming toward.’ For Christian believers, Christmas is one of the greatest events of the year, the celebration of the greatest gift ever given by God to mankind, that gift being Jesus. Centuries ago, the importance of this event caused many Christians to feel that it was inadequate merely to mark off only one day on the yearly calendar for celebrating, they also wanted to  teach their children the tremendous significance of Christmas.

At first, the days preceding Christmas were marked off from December 1 with chalk on believers’ doors. Then in Germany in the late 19th century the mother of a child named Gerhard Lang made her son an Advent Calendar comprised of 24 tiny sweets stuck onto cardboard. Lang never forgot the excitement he felt when he was given his Advent calendar at the beginning of each December, and how it reminded him every day that the greatest celebration of the whole year was approaching ever nearer.

As an adult he went into partnership with his friend Reichhold and opened a printing office. In 1908, they produced what is thought to be the first-ever printed Advent Calendar with a small colored picture for each day in Advent. Later on, at the beginning of the 20th century, they hit on the idea of making the pictures into little shuttered windows for the children to open day by day in order to heighten their sense of expectation. The idea of the Advent Calendar caught on with other printing firms as the demand swiftly increased, and many versions were produced, some of which would have printed on them Bible verses appropriate to the Advent period.

In the modern era, the Advent Calendar, although still enormously popular with all children, has lost its true meaning. The calendars depict Santa Claus and his reindeer, snowmen, holly, mistletoe, and all the symbols of Christmas behind the little windows, often along with a piece of chocolate or a small gift, such as a toy. There are also Advent Calendars for grown-ups with miniature gifts from brands such as cosmetics, make-up, perfumes and more.


Personally, I love the atmosphere of joy, excitement and expectation leading up to Christmas. I love to receive and give presents and see the joy of my loved ones’ faces as they open them on Christmas morning. Because Christmas is about giving, spreading the joy of the Jesus’ birth. Therefore I love the idea of an Advent Calendar leading up to Christmas. There are Advent Calendars from all brands, for a large range of prices, from drugstore to luxury. Some of the Advent Calendars have 14 doors (usually the luxury ones, where the miniature is more expensive), others have 24.

I think that buying an Advent Calendar is a perfect gift for your loved ones, everyone loves to receive gifts, to be surprised, so opening a door of the Advent Calendar every day and receiving a small gift throughout all December is a token of love and appreciation.

Another very important argument in favor of Advent Calendars is related to the products inside the daily doors. If you want to discover a new brand, to test its products before committing and buying the full size ones (especially in the case of luxury products), buying an Advent Calendar with all their miniature products is a perfect opportunity to test them first.

I have bought in the past products based on online reviews and discovered that they simply didn’t work for my skin type or color, so I was stuck with an expensive product that I couldn’t use. The miniatures you receive in an Advent Calendar are decently sized, enough for you to try and see if they work for you or not. Here are some of my faves from the Douglas Advent Calendar 2017.




What I love about Advent Calendars is the fact that there are a wide range of products, from make-up to skin care (face and body), bath products, hair care, nail polishes and more. Plenty for you to try.




Another very important reason why I love Advent Calendars so much is the fact that all the miniature products are perfect for travelling. Most of them are below the 100 ml, therefore Airplane friendly, easy to pack and use. Even if you don’t like travelling, the miniatures are still perfect for touch-ups when you have a full day and bag.



As you can see above not all products are miniatures, some are full sized, which is even more perfect. And what is even more important, at least in case of the Douglas Advent Calendar 2017, there is info on the back with the name and ingredients of all products of the Calendar, so you can see the products and stay away from them if you are allergic to something or perfume sensitive.



I simply love my Douglas Advent Calendar 2017. I have not tried many Douglas products so having opened it last December (check out my Instagram for the daily unboxing: monicris79), gave me many products to try so expect to read about them on the blog soon. I love its diversity; there are products from all ranges, face care, hair care and tools, bath, nail polish, make-up products and tools, body care. It is definitely not boring! The price is good for such a large range of products, 139 ron. For such a good price and such a large variety of products the Douglas Advent Calendar 2017 receives an A from me!


All in all, I am a definite advocate for Advent Calendars, they are so fun and useful in so many ways (personally I would buy them as gifts for my loved ones, even if they are not born in December; if you know a person loves a particular brand an Advent Calendar is the perfect gift!). What I don’t like is the fact that you can find them several months per year, November, December maybe January in the sales (when is the perfect time to buy them for a gift). I would stock them all year round, can’t get enough of them! Tell me Have you tried any Advent Calendars? What are your impressions? Until next time,      Love, M
























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