Spring – Summer 2015 Couture beauty trends

I like to browse late in the night online fashion and beauty magazines to keep up to date with the latest trends in beauty and make-up. So without further ado I present you:      
                                        Spring – Summer  2015  Couture beauty trends
make-up : pretty, natural, romantic look with flushed cheeks and barely contoured eyes, minimal brows and eyes contouring, lips left bare or done with a subtle slick of gloss (or models go onto the catwalk completely make-up free, as they did at Marc Jacobs)
hair : boheme look with braided hair, often adorned with flowers or other ornaments – a flash of gold or silver

make-up : bold, colourful eye make-up with graphic gold and aqua liner in the crease of the lids and below the bottom lashes
hair : straight, shiny, centre-parted and slicked to the head, with neat ponytails tied at the nape of the neck

 make-up : bold, glossy or matte red-lipped look with flawless complexions, neat brows 
 hair : straight, centre-parted, at the back, styled in low, loose plaits
make-up : Sixties-style cat eyes, black, brown eyeliner or electric blue drawn deep into the crease of the eyelids, extending outwards, finished with false lashes, bare or nude lips
hair : tousled and natural-looking
make-up : high-shine, complexions were dewy or with lipgloss used on the lids to reflect light – a “sweaty” look
hair : the sweatiness extended to the hair or the 70’s Woodstock waves were seen on the catwalk
photo credit : Photo By Indigital, vogue.co.uk
Tell me : What is your favourite trend? Would you incorporate it into your look?  Until next time,

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