SENSE graduation party 2019 outfit review

Hello my lovely readers today I’m back with an unusual post for me, a fashion post in which I share with you my outfit combinations for the two high-school graduation parties I attended this year. Almost all the pieces from both outfits are from Sense ( and I love them dearly. I discovered Sense at the store opening event in Bucharest (Strada Jean Louis Calderon nr. 54 Bucuresti, Sector 2) and I liked its simple, elegant and timeless pieces so when I was on the search for a new outfit it was a no brainer that I went to their store first. And I wasn’t disappointed: I found the main pieces for my outfit: the Lauren trousers (250 ron) and the Elis blouse (currently on sale at 74 ron).
The Elis blouse (code SLE649)

Let’s start with my favorite: the Elis blouse. I adore it for the lovely delicate shade of pink and its fine designer details: a demure neckline closing with a small golden button, the simple and comfortable cut skimming the body not too clingy but not too tight either and of course the sleeves – the most beautiful part of this blouse, the thing that makes it so, so special.

The sleeves are long but cut at the top shoulder to reveal an enticing bit of flesh, a bit sexy but not vulgar. And of course, the delicate ruffle that is running on the entire sleeve and gives the blouse a flowy, feminine effect. The sleeve ends with a delicate golden button at the wrist.


The Elis blouse is made out of 100% Pes, it has 59 cm in length, and it’s recommended delicate washing at 30% degrees. It comes in White and Pink and ranges from 38 to 46). You can still find it reduced so check it out here:
This blouse is very elegant, feminine and understated but at the same time due to its beautiful designer details it easily stands out from the crowd making any outfits look good and more expensive than they really are. It can be worn with trousers, skirts and even with blue jeans (with the right accessories), with blazers or shawls for a more layered look. It is a very versatile piece due to its understated color and pattern. You can even say it is a neutral piece.


The Lauren pants (code CA4773)

They are pink, very pink, hot pink but I adore them for their statement color. They fall straight skimming the legs not very tight but not loose either. They are classic pants with a capri shape, very comfortable to wear. They close with an interesting double button closure – the fancy – (with two small golden buttons that look very good and allow to wear blouses tucked into the pants and give an elegant look).
I bought and worn them as such, I did not need any modifications, they were the right length and size for me. They are made of 62% Cotton; 5% Elastane; 33% Pes, have 99 cm in length and they’re recommended delicate washing at 30% degrees. They come in Pink, Dark Blue and White and range from 36 to 46. Check them out here:

The Lauren pants are statement indeed and due to their color, they can be a bit prohibitive, but they can still be worn in a great combination of outfits: with blouses and t-shirts, blazers, jackets, leather jackets, macs and many more. For the second party I paired them with another blouse I bought from a boutique in Brasov from the brand Alessia (Poland) and they look perfectly together.

Sense_Lauren_pants2019_beautyinfiveminutescom2In conclusion, I love both my pieces from Sense, they are a Romanian brand that provides great quality pieces at an affordable price. Their new collection is perfect for the spring and summer time: flowy, feminine, elegant pastels, statement bold colors in many patterns and shapes for all times and occasions so check them out, they are definitely worth it! From me an A! Tell me: What do you think of my Sense outfit? Until next time, Love, M


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