Pharmacore Acne Control range, info and impressions

All PharmacoreHello my lovely readers, today I’m back with a post about a new range that has just launched to help the acne prone and oily skin, the Pharmacore Acne Control range. It is a range dedicated to acneic, sebhorreic skin with products for both the face and body for a long term efficiency. Let’s find out more.

 Pharmacore Acne Control_Purifying Cleanser

The Acne Control range has been formulated with several natural ingredients and no detergents or other irritants for a gentle action on the skin. There are over 10 natural ingredients in this range such as Biopep 15 (oligopeptides fighting with over 12 types of Propionibacterium acne), Colostrum (stimulates the recovery of the skin), Iris Florentina extract (calming, antiseptic and astringent), Glycerin (hydrating and emollient), Honey, Sweet Almond Oil, Salicylic Acid (exfoliator of dead skin cells), A and E vitamins (hydrate and balance the sebum secretion of the skin), Zinc and more.

There are several products in this range, starting with the face products : the Acne Control Face Cream (with Chelisin and Iris Florentina extract, to be used once or twice a day on the affected areas. To be used by adults, even women after menopause). Price 139 ron (with the Purifying Cleanser).

The Acne Control Hydrating Mask (sebum-balancing mask with Biopep 15 and Rtf 1 to reduce the formation or development of comedones, decrease the sebum secretion and redness). On a clean skin apply the mask in a thin layer, leave for 30 minutes and rinse with warm water. It also has a hydrating action due to the Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, vitamin E and Glycerin. Price 121 ron (with the Purifying Cleanser).

The Acne Control Gel (with a hydrating and exfoliating effect due to the Biopep 15 action in reducing the acne producing microorganisms’ activity). It exfoliates the dead skin cells and  stimulates the skin’s recovery due to the Salicylic Acid. It also has a calming and hydrating effect due to the Glycerin and Colostrum. Apply on the face, shoulders, neck, once or twice a day. Price 149 ron (with the Purifying Cleanser).

For the body there is the Acne Control Body Spray (it deeply cleanses the pores and prevents the acne on the back, shoulders and chest due to the combined action of the Biopep 15 and Rtf 1 and Salicylic Acid). Easy to use as a spray, one can start with an application a day, then moving to two or three if needed. Price now 113 ron (reduced from 159 ron).

And finally for the face, there is also the Acne Control Purifying Cleanser. This is the product I received for testing so I can now share with you my impressions. Firstly, a disclaimer : I don’t have acne skin, not now, nor did I have in my youth. I have combination to oily skin (especially in the hotter seasons) with occasional break-outs, so I cannot say if this product works for acne or sebhorreic skin. I can only say my personal experience with it in the case of my skin type.


This cleanser has a soap-free gel formulation, gently cleanses the skin and removes the sebum and impurities due to the combination of Biopep 15, Rtf 1, Boswelia extracts, rice and honey. It can be used for sensitive, oily, acne, sebhorreic skin. It can be used daily (twice a day, in the morning and evening). Apply on the face, gently massage for a light foam, then rise well. Can be used as a shaving foam.



It comes in a 150 ml recipient and has a valability of 8 months. It opens by twisting the cap to the right, closes by twisting it to the left (I like it, it is easy to travel with). The cleanser has a liquid, runny consistency but it’s not sticky as most of the acne/oily skin products are. It has a slight medicinal sweet scent but it didn’t bother me.

After applying it to the face, I added a little water then massaged it, it transformed into a light foam. I rinsed it with warm water. It left the skin very clean with no sebum film on the skin (all of you oily skinned ladies you know what I mean). It did dry the skin, I felt the need to moisturize after. I did not have any skin reactions to it such as reddening or itching (I have used it for around 3 weeks).



It can be found online at the price of 84 ron (reduced from 105 ron). For more information on the Acne Control range you can check out .

If you have any serious skin issues such as acne I advise you to see a doctor for a proper treatment suited for your specific skin needs. The acne is a serious issue that must be treated on a medium to a long term. I wish you to be happy and healthy inside as well as outside! Until next time,   Love, M


A Dose of English :

Comedo (blackhead) –   a small bump or blemish on the skin (as of the face or back) usually containing a plug of sebum in a skin pore.



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