Pandora would you be my Valentine?

On the 14th February we officially celebrate love. We romance, we dance, we give and receive tokens of love, we whisper words of devotion, we laugh, we live and share love and passion. Cause we cannot live without it. We should celebrate, share and give love every day. We should not let a moment pass by, without showing our love. Life is short and difficult. Choose to live it with love.
A wise man said that love is better shown rather than declared. I agree but I also think that every woman needs to hear those magic words, to live the storybook fairytale she has dreamed of since she was young.
I think that with Pandora any man can do no wrong on Valentine’s day. Every woman loves jewellery, especially those that have a special significance, express a certain emotion or tell a story.
Pandora’s Valentine’s Day collection for 2015 is a declaration of love. Dainty, delicate, feminine, made with the greatest care and attention for details, Pandora’s charms are lovely to have, hold and cherish. The fact that you can create your own personalized bracelet, telling your own story, wearing your own emotions and memories make them unforgettable. And yes! they are very dangerous, they can create immediate addiction! Just look at them! I present you Pandora’s Valentine’s Day collection for 2015.

I already have several charms on my wishlist … You can find them here.

      A gorgeous bouquet of roses and a Pandora charm to express his love what more can a girl want ?

I leave you with Paul McCartney’s My Valentine:

..And I will love her for life
  And I will never let a day go by
  without remembering the reasons why
she makes me certain
that I can fly
  And so I do,
without a care
I know that someday soon the sun is gonna shine
And she’ll be there
This love of mine
My Valentine..
   Until next time,

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