PANDORA Autumn Collection 2016 – vintage and timeless elegance


Summer is gone and it is Autumn yet again and all the new collections are already in the stores. Today’s post is all about my other passion besides make-up, cosmetics and perfumes ; jewelry, more exactly my love for Pandora jewelry. The PANDORA Autumn Collection 2016 is already available in the stores, so I thought I would show you my favorites (you can consider this post a wish list for me) from this collection, as per usual the collection is gorgeous and maybe I can tempt you to check it out in the stores and make a few purchases.


The PANDORA Autumn Collection 2016 is a captivating mix of reinterpreted, vintage-inspired pieces that inspire timeless elegance and impeccable style. Sparkling pieces, abstract shapes and perfect skill are all reunited in this collection that brings back the nostalgia of the good, old times into the modern times.




One of the oldest Victorian traditions is brought back to life this Autumn – the new Floating Locket pendants, allow sentimental, small pieces to float and shine inside beautiful sapphire or glass quadrants.


The Art Deco period, one of the most inspiring ones for the artistic world, has brought its glamour and star-like appearance through the pendant earrings Vintage Allure, that shine brilliantly due to the zirconium diamond-cut pieces.




The Radiant Hearts range, show heart decoupage pieces made of silver 925 and gold 14K that reinterpret in a playful, funny way a classic Pandora design, and are perfect for overlapping and mix and match-ing.



In order to better capture the glamour and brilliant shine of the catwalk, Pandora has brought into its Autumn Collection the Shining Drops, the earrings and rings in this collection (silver 925 and gold 14K) that are ornamented with shiny little crystals to inspire drops of water.



The new Moments gold 14K bracelet is also elegant and vintage looking, drawing its inspiration from the iconography, to create an all-gold looks or two shades ones. Perfect to bring the style and elegance into every look!

The PANDORA Autumn Collection 2016 is simply gorgeous, elegant and vintage inspired and I love it (believe me from all the pieces in this collection I had to seriously tone down my choices because I wanted them all). It is a mix of style, glamour and elegance that is suitable for special events and evening functions and daywear that’s fun, colorful and full of joie-du-vivre. A perfect combination that will suit each and every one of you. If you see something that you like, go and check it out in stores, it is definitely worth it!




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