Oriflame Apple & Cinnamon hand cream , review

If you read my blog you know by now how I love hand creams, I have many of them around the house and into my purses and I like to experiment and try as many as I can. I have used this one along with others and now since I have finished it I can tell you about it. It is Oriflame Apple & Cinnamon hand cream.

Moisturising apple and cinnamon hand cream for soft, smooth, supple festive hands.
It comes in a 75 ml/2.5 oz plastic tube with a secure twisting cap (very travel-friendly) and has a valability of 12 months.

It has indeed a light texture and is very easily absorbed into the skin. It provides moisturization for around an hour for me, afterwards I feel the need to re-apply. It is a good hand cream for the warmer seasons due to its light texture but it doesn’t work for the colder seasons when I need a very strong moisturization and a thicker texture.

It has a delicate sweet apple/cinnamon smell that I like, especially in the winter time. It doesn’t remain onto the skin for a long time. Unfortunately the level of moisturization is not suitable for the winter.

You can see the ingredients below :

It can be found at the price of aprox. 11.90 ron/3 pounds.
All in all, the Oriflame Apple & Cinnamon hand cream is a decent hand cream for the warmer seasons; it does not work for me in the colder seasons. I like the sweet smell in the winter time but it isn’t nourishing enough. It has an affordable price and can be easily found. Therefore I give it the C grade. Until next time ,  Love, M

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