Nuxe Reve du Miel lip moisturising stick – review

I declared my fascination and love for the Nuxe brand so I will talk to you today about one of products I adore. It is Nuxe Reve du Miel lip moisturising stick. It is the brother (in stick form) of the famous cult product Reve du Miel lip balm (the jar version). I decided to buy it since I am on the move a lot and the stick form is more travel friendly and easy to carry in the bag, no matter how small it is.

The stick comes in a plastic package with the Nuxe logo and product details on the front. It has 4 gr./0.14 oz. of product and it expires in 12 months.

The stick was formulated for dry or chapped lips, with extracts of honey and sunflower oil.
NUXE Reve de Miel Stick Levres Hydratant Lip Moisturizing Stick has been
tested in extremely cold conditions in Canada, and has proven to
protect against external aggression (88%*). Softness and suppleness are
restored to lips (75%*).

*User test carried out under dermatological supervision on 22
volunteers over 28 days in extreme climate conditions in Canada – % of
volunteers who agreed with the claim.

The stick nourishes, repairs, soothes and protects the lips with Precious
Sunflower and Macadamia Nut Oils, Barley Extract, Argan Oil, Shea
Butter, Honey and Vitamin E derivative.

It is recommended to use it as often as required. It has a subtle scent and taste of oranges and a very pleasant feel on the lips. It leaves a thin layer on the lips which feel nourished and protected for a long time.

It can be found here:  at the price of 5.50 pounds/ aprox 30 ron

All in all, I love it! It is very moisturising, long lasting on the lips and has a lovely discrete orangy scent and taste. I give it the A grade and recommend it to you. A very good quality product!

A dose of English :
on the move – moving from place to place
to chap – to cause (the skin) to roughen, redden, or crack, especially as a result of cold or exposure
to soothe – to calm, to ease or relieve pain


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