To be or not to be .. a beauty blogger

Hello my lovely readers today I have a special post for you. I accepted the challenge from Ana Maria from Beautybarometer to talk about a beauty blogger’s life with its pros and cons. I have over one year and a half of beauty blogging so I can share with you my impressions on it. Prepare yourself, it’s going to be a looong post!


Firstly, I looove it! I’ve always been interested in all things beauty (jewelry, clothes and later make-up and perfumes) from an early age and I love to discover new things and try new beauty procedures. I have a busy job (I am an English teacher) therefore I have many things to do at home – correcting tests, writing pieces from my students, filling in paperwork and preparing my lessons – so I have quite a limited free time. But I’m so in love with my blog that now I cannot live without it! It’s not a burden for me, it’s a passion and a pleasure. I relax and feel great when I write on the blog and I  love to see that my work is appreciated from the feedback from you, my lovely readers! I love it when you write to me that I’ve helped you to buy a new product or try a new procedure. I feel useful and I’m glad that you read my blog and its information is relevant for you.

And now, with my beauty blog I spend most of my free time researching information, the latest releases in beauty and care, taking photographs for my posts, editing the photos and more. This leads me to a common misconception about having a blog – that it’s no big deal, it’s easy, you write something and take a few pictures and it’s all great!

No, to be a beauty blogger is not easy! It takes a lot of time and research, in my case, I feel very responsible to share with my readers the right and correct information about the products and procedures because you use the products for your skin, eyes, face, body so you have to be very careful not to be harmed by them!

Besides the time issue to be a beauty blogger means that you have to invest money into your blog if you want to turn it from a hobby and a passion into something more. You need to move from a free domain to a paid one and to invest in the blog’s appearance and optimization. Besides an interesting and relevant content you need to invest in a good camera for both photos and videos. A great photo can tell a story on its own and can make or break a post.


And the expenses do not stop here! If you want to be up-to-date with the latest releases you have to buy products. Of course we are in Romania, not in some other richer country, so you cannot afford to buy everything new that appears on the market but you have to buy at least the ones that are more relevant and interesting to the readers from time to time.


And that leads me to another very debated issue ; that of the so called “freebies” – the press samples, all the bloggers receive and post on the social media. Yes, this is the biggest misconception of them all : that all beauty bloggers receive free things all the time and go to the glam events, oh the pink life of a blogger! Well, I can say that it’s both a blessing and a curse. To clarify, I am still a freshly new beauty blogger and I’m not invited to many events and I don’t have many collaborations with brands (the ones I have, you can find them here) but I can share my experiences with you.

If a brand sends some products for you to try, they are not free because the brand expects you to test them and write about them on the blog (favorably of course) and by doing so, persuading the readers to buy them. Before starting my beauty blog I was and still am, a passionate reader of beauty blogs, especially the foreign ones (from UK, USA, Australia, Belgium and more) and I also love to watch them on Youtube, especially for their great, native English.

So I feel something is very wrong when I see a blog that praises all of the products all the time. I’m not afraid to lower the grade of a product if I feel that it’s not how it should be (not matter if I bought it, or it was sent to me for consideration). You can find my grading scale here . By lowering the grade and argumenting my choice I feel I give an useful feedback to the brand for a continuous improvement of the product and I would like my review to be interpreted as such.

As a reader, I can see when a product is overpraised on a blog or more, and I lose my trust in those bloggers. My credibility as a beauty blogger in front of you, my lovely readers, is very important so I strive to be as truthful and sincere as I can in everything I write here. A few freebies sent here and there are not worth losing you my lovely readers.

Yes, everyone is different, every skin is unique and has its own reactions to a product or procedure, therefore what is good for me may not be that same for you. And if a product is not suitable for me it can suit you. So it’s all about experience, it’s all about testing the product. A review on the blog can give an idea of what the product can be like – from a very personal experience, but you still have to try it on by yourself. As a high-end product lover, I especially find the reviews and swatches useful because I want to make sure that product will suit me and it won’t be a very costly mistake.

Let’s move on to one of the most pleasant things in beauty blogging  – doing very fun and interesting things and meeting beautiful (and I’m not talking appearance here) and special people online and offline. Firstly, I love communicating with you, my lovely readers. I am very glad when I have feedback from you, good or bad (yes, there are also haters who disapprove how you look like or how you are, if you’re not as per their pre-conceived views). I can accept a not so favorable feedback as long as it is constructive and well argumented and not run by hate.

One of the fun things I loved doing, was the #GlamJan campaign done by Max Factor a while ago. It was fun to transform myself from drab to glam with make-up. You can find out more in this post From Monica to Marilyn #GlamJan.


Another series of events I love participating, are the Beauty Swaps organized by Ana Maria from Beautybarometer. It is very fun to swap products that are not suitable for us, or that are forgotten in a drawer and try new ones. And the most important thing is that you get to meet and talk with many beautiful ladies, beauty bloggers like me. You can find the posts on this event here . This is the greatest thing about beauty blogging : that you meet new, wonderful people who share the same passions and love for beauty as you are. Tell me How is a great beauty blogger ? What are your suggestions to improve a beauty blog ? Feedback is welcome as per usual. Until next time,   Love, M

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  • Corina Cosa

    super poze Monica :)) In primul rand eu te plac pentru ca semeni extrem de mult ( fizic ) cu o prietena de-a mea , Mariana , eu ii zic Mary :))) ( deci nume tot cu M ), ..imi placi pentru ca esti profa de engleza si ce mult mi-ar place sa stiu engleza ta ;;;:X:X …si da …sa fii beauty-blogger cred ca nu-i usor , dar daca iti place ce faci , jumatate de treaba e rezolvata . Nici o pasiune nu trebuie ratata in viata asta. Life is too short .:)

    • Monica Tone

      Ai mare dreptate, trebuie sa ne bucuram de micile placeri ale vietii si sa le traim cu nesat. Viata e scurta si grea si avem nevoie de micile noastre placeri pentru a ne face zilele mai frumoase. Pentru mine asta inseamna blogul meu printre altele. Ma bucur ca ma urmaresti si stiu ca esti acolo virtual alaturi de mine mereu. Si iti multumesc. Sper ca sa reusesc prin postarile mele sa iti imbunatatesc si engleza. 🙂

      • Corina Cosa

        si eu sper 🙂

        • Monica Tone

          Ai incredere in tine. Si rabdare multa, o limba straina se invata in timp. Pupici!

  • Doamna profesoara, multumesc pentru articol. Nu o sa comentez in engleza, ca sigur raman repetenta. Ai punctat bine ca trebuie investit timp, trebuie investiti bani pentru ca un blog sa functioneze. Ma bucur ca iti place ideea de comunitate si te vad mereu ca incerci sa fii prezenta peste tot. Bafta!

    • Monica Tone

      Nu ramai repetenta, sunt sigura ca vorbesti foarte bine. Trebuie sa ai mai multa incredere in tine. Ma bucur de feedback in orice limba iti este comfortabil. Ma bucur ca ti-a placut postarea , a fost foarte interesant sa fac o intoarcere inapoi in timp si sa reflectez la experienta acumulata pana acum. Am multe de invatat si experimentat dar nu conteaza atat de mult destinatia ci drumul parcurs, experientele si oamenii care ma insotesc pe acest drum.

  • monacocoreanu

    Mult succes in blogging si in viata, Monica! Cu mare placere te citesc, tot timpul ti-am apreciat sinceritatea, bunul gust si buna dispozitie pe care o emani. Trebuie sa recunosc ca am un articol preferat de pe blogul tau pe care l-as citi zilnic si cu care rezonez 100%: I am a woman and… <3
    Ma bucur ca ti-ai urmat pasiunea si continua tot asa. <3

    • Monica Tone

      Multumesc mult. Vorbele voastre dragi cititoare imi aduc cea mai mare bucurie. Ma bucur ca va aduc bucurie, va mentin buna dispozitie si va sunt de ajutor. Multumesc mult Mona ca ma urmaresti, sper sa fii mai vocala si sa te exprimi mai mult aici pe blog. Astept idei, dorinte, subiecte de discutie si orice altceva iti trece prin minte in romana sau engleza dupa dorinta. Lots of kisses!


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