News from Bourjois : the Air Mat foundation – a trusted ally for your oily skin

Oh happy day! All the ladies with an oily complextion like me, are very happy right now : there is a new foundation in town! We all long for a perfect, shine-free complexion, that looks flawless and natural with a light coverage. It isn’t easy to find, I can tell you! This is why I am happy to tell you more about the newest release from Bourjois.

Air, air! Say farewell to skin concealed with heavy foundation! Air MAT is infused with air, creating a super soft, smooth texture. It erases defects and evens skin tone with a natural, imperceptible veil. What a delightful sensation – it feels like bare skin, letting it breathe comfortably, and a perfectly even complexion!

Bourjois – Air Mat Foundation (£9.99/15 euros for 30ml) comes in six shades, ranging from light to medium : two light tones and four medium tones.

  • Light and airy texture
  • Conceals and evens out imperfections
  • 24 hour hold
  • Absorbs excess sebum
  • 6 shades – 01 Rose Ivory , 02 Vanilla, 03 Light Beige , 04 Beige, 05 Golden Beige , 06 Golden Sun.

The concept behind Bourjois Air Mat Foundation is to produce a soft, natural matte finish all without a mask like feeling or appearance. The formulation is infused with air to create a weightless, soft matte finish.

Apply… then forget it for 24 hours! A trusted ally for your skin, Air MAT holds for 24 hours…Using specially-coated pigments that provide fresh, long-lasting colour throughout the day. Evanescent, non-greasy oils bind the pigments to the skin, providing a foundation that lasts all day long. Ideal coverage and a flawless skin tone!

Stay shine-free without a masking effect…The number one enemy of a perfect complexion? Stubborn shiny patches that mar the complexion and break through powder during the day. Air MAT’s extra-fine mattifying powder, zinc extract and tiny silica beads absorb excess sebum with no mask effect! It evens your complexion and erases imperfections, leaving you with beautiful skin!
·         87% agree that the foundation erases imperfections and makes your skin look beautiful.
·         84% thought they achieved a matte complexion that felt comfortable
·         81% thought that Air MAT allowed their skin to breathe

You can find it in stores starting from September at the special price of 60 ron. I have to admit I can’t wait to try it in stores. It sounds great to me and it is clearly on my to buy list. Until next time ,  Love, M

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