The new Palette Intensive Color Cream collection – intense colour and improved care

Hello my lovely readers, today I’m back with great news : there is a new and improved hair care collection in town  – the Palette Intensive Color Cream collection is here! I dye my hair not because I need it but because I like the shine the coloring gives me, the way my hair looks and feels (I have very soft hair and it becomes less soft and it can hold better the styling products and styles). I like to use a mahogany (dark reddish shade) onto my hair. It’s a fun and happy colour!

This improved collection is the result of the latest research and technologies from Schwarzkopf that promises a very intense hair colour achieved with the best hair care. The innovation behind this hair care collection is the extra care mask with Keratin – that provides in-depth care and protection for the hair with three main effects : the strengthening of the hair (due to the Keratin protein that restores the hair follicle from within) ; the smoothness of the hair (due to the Pantenol pro-vitamin that hydrates and restores the hair making it smooth and silky soft) and last, but not least, the hair shine (due to the nourishing oils and honey).

palette-intensive-colour-creme-beautyinfiveminutescom1The collection consists of 32 shades that offer maximized radiance ; long-lasting high intensity and 100% grey coverage; all keeping the hair intensively nourished after coloring. Your hair is stronger, smoother and has a magnificent shine.

There are three new red shades that offer an intense colour up to 8 weeks and an intense shine. There is also a blonde shade – Super Platinum Blond – that contains a platinum pigment mix that creates a metallic effect and prevents the yellow effect of the hair.


The entire Palette Intensive Color Cream collection is already available in stores. The collection offers the perfect mix of great quality and affordable prices so it’s worth checking it out! Until next time ,    Love, M




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