New from MAC : Extra Dimension and Min Liu

Hello my lovely readers, today I’m back with news from MAC, they have just released two new collections : the MAC Extra Dimension (bringing  new permanent shades of the Extra Dimension Blush in textures that reflect light) and MAC Min Liu (Chinese fashion designer Min Liu brings her personal twist on Chinese traditionalism). The new Extra Dimension shades I’m most excited about, the blushes and highlighters are simply gorgeous!

MAC Extra Dimension Collection


In this collection the MAC Extra Dimension formula is enriched with new permanent shades of Extra Dimension Blush. There is a vide range of color varying from soft pastels to corals and plums, in textures that reflect light, with a smooth second-skin finish. New are also the three bestselling shades of the Extra Dimension Skinfinish, with its shimmering high-shine effect.

Let’s start with the new Extra Dimension Skinfinish powders (137 ron/ 33 dollars – 9 gr./0.31 oz.). They are described as liquid-powder highlighter with prismatic reflections to sculpt and highlight the face. They have a creamy-powder formula that promises to last up to 10 hours, described as : Oh Darling – Metallic Gold ; Superb – Patina Bronze ; Glow with it – Soft Peachy Nude with multi-dimensional shimmer.



Mac_ExtraDimension_collection_beautyinfiveminutescom4The most exciting part of this collection for me were the new Extra Dimension Blushes (114 ron/28 dollars – 4 gr./0.14 oz.). They are described as a modern hybrid blush – combining the smoothness of a cream, blendability of a liquid and finish of a powder. They are also long-wearing on the skin and contain prismatic reflections to reflect light and leave a smooth second-skin finish.

There are shades for any occasion and taste, from more discrete corals and pinks to bolder plums. The blushes are very pigmented, so you need a soft hand with them, which makes them also very money-saving (they will last you for a very long time). I really love shimmery blushes more than matte ones, especially in the warmer seasons, they look so pretty reflected in the sunshine.

Top to bottom : Fairly Precious (Light pinky champagne), Faux Sure! (Warm pinky mauve) and Into the Pink (soft pastel pink).


Top to bottom : Hushed Tone (Neutralized pink peach), Wrapped Candy (Plum) and Telling Glow (Bright Coral).


Top to bottom : Sweets for my sweet (Mid tone yellow pink), Cheeky Bits (Mid tone pinky coral) – my very favorites and Rosy Cheeks (Mid tone muted blue fuchsia).


Top to bottom : Just a pinch (Apricot) and Hard to get (Warm burgundy brown).


Personally I would buy almost all of these blushes, they are very pigmented, they feel very light on the skin and they make you look healthy and amazing! I bought only two of them Sweets for my sweet (very similar to Benefit Galifornia at a cheaper price) and Cheeky Bits. These shades are my most worn and loved. Again my favorite highlighter is Superb (it seems to me at a fist glance that it resembles Becca’s Champagne Pop). If you fancy any of them, check them out, I am sure they will sell out fast!

MAC Min Liu Collection

Mac_MinLiu_collection_beautyinfiveminutescomIn this collection Chinese fashion designer Min Liu brings her personal twist on Chinese traditionalism with bold reds, deep peony pinks and misty metallics, to express the flow of energy that connects everything.


Let’s start with my favorites – the lipsticks and lipglosses! Lipstick (106 ron/20 dollars – 3.1 gr/0.1 oz.), Lipglass (20 dollars – 3.1 gr/0.1 oz.). Lipstick in Dynasty Red (Yellow vibrant red-matte) and lipglass in Fortune Red (Yellow vibrant red).Mac_MinLiu_collection_beautyinfiveminutescom7Lipstick in Peach Blossom Pink (Clean mid tone pink-matte) and lipglass in Peach Blossom Pink (Clean mid tone pink).


The Blacktrack Pro-Longwear Fluidline Eyeliner Gel, the long-wearing gel liner in Black (81 ron/17 dollars – 3 gr/0.1 oz) in a glossy black design with Min Miu’s signature in red.


A special-edition creamy Yellow Vibrant Red formula as a Cream Colour base (left), with a sheer, dewy finish for various effects (26 dollars – 3.2 gr./0.12 oz.). A special-edition Eye Shadow Duo/Fortune Duo (right) with bright pink and sparkly silver shades (29.50 dollars – 2.2 gr./0.07 oz.).

Mac_MinLiu_collection_beautyinfiveminutescom3A Pearlmatte Face Powder described as a face powder with pearlized, satin shades for highlighting and blush effects (40 dollars – 12 gr./0.42 oz.).

Mac_MinLiu_collection_beautyinfiveminutescom4There are also three make-up brushes in this collection : 129 SE Powder/Blush Brush, 263 SE Small Angle Brush and 246 SE Synthetic Fluffy Eye Brush (with brush roll 52.50 dollars).


The collection ends with a Make-up Bag (aprox. 120 ron/30 dollars), a special-edition satiny, mid-sized, pouch-style makeup bag. In a glossy black shade with Min Miu’s signature in red.

If you like any of the products in the Min Liu Collection remember this is a limited-edition collection so check it out in all MAC stores! MAC always brings out fun and interesting products and collections (some permanent, some limited edition) so I’m very excited to see what they will launch next. Tell me What are your favorites from these new collections ? Until next time,   Love, M

















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  • Cat de frumos este iluminatorul Superb! <3 <3 <3

    • Monica Tone

      Da, sunt superbe. Foarte pigmentate, te vor tine super mult deci pe termen lung isi merita banii. Trebuie sa le incerci.

  • ella fairytale

    Nuantele sunt placute, mi-ar placea si mie sa incerc rujurile.

    • Monica Tone

      La rujuri mie imi plac cele din gama Amplified si Matte ( chiar daca usuca buzele). Toate sunt faine, merita incercate.

  • Foarte faine toate ! Iluminatorul e de vis !!!

    • Monica Tone

      Da, mie imi plac primele doua. Al treilea merge pt un ten mai inchis la culoare. Daca poti incearca-le in magazin, te vei indragosti.

  • Carmen Si David Alexa

    I love the first product in this article! Hope to puches it very soon! <3

    • Monica Tone

      Yes, the highlighters look great and they feel great on the skin. I also hope you will purchase one of them soon. They are really worth it!

  • Fleur

    Sa mi spui si mie cum sa fac sa se teleporteze toate la mine in cameră!!!

    • Monica Tone

      Ehe .. ce bine ar mai fi. Cred ca as teleporta tot magazinul..

  • Alexandra Haliga

    Toate sunt așa frumoase ♥

    • Monica Tone

      Da, din pacate pentru buzunarul nostru..

  • vyo vyoleta

    Si eu folosesc produse de la ei, insa pe acestea nu le-am incercat.

    • Monica Tone

      Nici eu, dar nu am rezistat si mi-am luat cele 2 blushuri. Din fericire sunt permanente asa ca dupa ce ma joc putin cu ele, le voi face review pe blog.

  • Musat Ana-Maria

    Ce bine arata! Imi plac produsele lor!

    • Monica Tone

      Si mie, din ce in ce mai mult, pana acum tot ce am incercat mi-a placut.

  • Beatrix Cozma

    Culori superbe, texturi fine. Make up artista la care merg doar aceste produse le foloseste si avand un ten ff sensibil cu aceste produse nu a dat niciodata gres!

    • Monica Tone

      Da, nici eu nu am avut vreodata probleme cu ceea ce am incercat de la MAC, sunt produse profesionale care imi plac din ce in ce mai mult 🙂

  • Cosmin Masally

    Ce bine ca nu sunt fata :)) cheltui mai putin… si cred ca sunt foarte scumpe produsele MAC. 😮

    • Monica Tone

      Nu sunt cele mai ieftine dar nu sunt nici high-end. Eu zic ca merita pretul pentru calitatea produselor. Acum depinde de fiecare cat da pentru anume produse. Mie imi place sa am optiuni din toate, de asta si ofer informatii despre toate tipurile de produse pe blog. E bine ca avem din ce alege 🙂

  • Arata bine! Nu am cumparat niciodata produse MAC, pentru ca mi se par scumpe pentru ceea ce ofera. Sunt multe alte branduri care sunt la fel de bune si au preturi mai mici. Eu asa consider…nah…stiu ca sunt multe fete innebunite dupa acest brand! 🙂

    • Monica Tone

      Depinde de fiecare cat investeste in produse, e clar o chestiune subiectiva. Mie imi place sa am si sa ofer optiuni. Este foarte bine ca avem din ce alege. Si mie imi plac multe produse care sunt mult mai ieftine si care clar isi merita banii dar sunt si produse mai scumpe care merita sa fie cumparate. De toate pentru toti 🙂

  • Cat de frumoase si pigmentate sunt toate! N-am avut ocazia sa incerc pana acum produse mac, dar mi-ar placea!

    • Monica Tone

      Daca ai un magazin prin zona mergi si joaca-te putin cu ele, sa iti faci o idee. Nu sunt tocmai ieftine dar un pic de rasfat nu strica din cand in cand 🙂


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