New from The Body Shop : Italian Summer Fig Eau De Toilette

Ladies I have good news for you! Starting with 3rd of August the perfume range from The Body Shop is enriched with another one : Italian Summer Fig Eau De Toilette. As its name suggests it is a summer perfume, probably fresh and fruity, perfect for the hot summer days. I have to admit I am really curious about its scent and I can’t wait to check it out in the stores.

Scent your skin with the fresh, fruity fragrance of Italian Summer Fig. Our figs are emblematic of the Puglian coast in Italy – we hand-selected them there, where the sun-baked soils produce them in abundance and with a juicy scent that fills the warm air in summer. We pick them at the height of summer when their aroma is the richest, and create our succulent green scent.

  • Green, juicy fragrance
  • With Community Fair Trade organic alcohol
  • Layer with other products in the Italian Summer Fig range to build the scent.

Directions for use : Spritz onto neck and pulse points.
Ingredients :

You can find it in The Body Shop shops from 3rd of August at the price of 118 ron.  Love, M

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