New fall 2016 products from Yves Rocher

Hello my lovely readers today’s post will star the new fall 2016 products from Yves Rocher. There are many interesting products to discover and don’t get me started on the limited edition Christmas 2016 collection : I will write a separate post on it another time, I will only say one thing – it will be awesome!! Let’s not waste any more time and meet the latest releases from Yves Rocher this Autumn.

Face Care

The eyes are the window of the soul and they deserve special attention so Yves Rocher has revamped its eye make-up removers with a new formula for the Pur Bluet Gentle make-up remover for sensitive eyes and new packaging for the entire range. The eye make-up removers range from 22 ron to 33 ron.


Another very interesting product and a very effective weapon against external factors and the skin’s aging is the Elixir Jeaunesse – Double Action Essence (30ml/85 ron). Due to its concentrated extract of Aphloïa, it stimulates the anti-aging and anti-pollution internal systems of the skin, for a revived, oxygenated and luminous result.


Another product that I am quite intrigued by and quite eager to try is the Scrub To Mix powder (35 gr/41 ron). It is the first exfoliating powder of 100% natural origin which mixed with the cleansing gel transforms into a sensorial customizable scrub for the face. You can add this powder as little or as much as you want or need, to have a smooth, velvety, luminous skin.

Hand Care

The hands are definitely very pampered this autumn, Yves Rocher has many Arnica based hand creams in store to suit everyone’s taste. There is a Long-lasting Moisturizing hand cream (75 ml/16 ron), a 2in1 Beautifying Hand&Nail cream (75 ml/22 ron), an Ultra Nourishing Hand Cream (75 ml/23 ron), a Hand Exfoliating Care Oil (75 ml/23 ron) and finally a Cold Weather Hand Balm with Shea butter (50 ml/35 ron). All of them are very useful, especially now in the colder seasons, when the hands become drier due to the low temperatures.



All perfume lovers rejoice! There is a new Yves Rocher perfume in town! A floral-oriental perfume Accord Chic Secrets D’Essences Eau de Parfum  (50 ml /195 ron) is a sophisticated, daring and mysterious fragrance for a bold, elegant and unique lady. It contains a very interesting mix of pink pepper, iris flowers, elemi resin, benzoin and olibanum for a spicy and yet elegant French scent.



There are also new products to try and enjoy in the make-up section. The one I’m most interested in, is the Zero Defects Comfort Cream Foundation (40 ml/62 ron). It is a cream foundation enriched with the oil from Damascene Roses for a comforting and hydrating feel on the skin. Ideal for dry to very dry skin, it leaves the skin velvety soft and hides any imperfections.


A perfect companion for this new foundation is the Yves Rocher Loose Powder with Rice extract (15 gr/56 ron) that lets the skin breathe, intensifies the luminosity of the skin and gives the skin a natural, glowing appearance.

There is also a new range of blushes (enriched with Muscat Rose oils) and eye shadows (enriched with Rice extract). The blushes come in 10 different shades in pigmented and silky soft textures for all tastes and occasions. One blush – 4 gr/33 ron.

The eye shadows come in 45 very pigmented shades in three textures : matte, sparkling and pearly. No parabens, ophthalmologically tested (2-2.5 gr/31 ron).


As you can see the latest releases from Yves Rocher cater for all tastes and needs and are the perfect gifts for the holiday season. I tried the perfume and it is interesting and bold, not for the shy! I am very interested to try the foundation and the exfoliating powder as well as the new eye shadows.

I am very excited for the upcoming Christmas limited edition collection, I can promise you it will be gorgeous and very yummy! A sneak peak below, enjoy! Until next time,  Love, M










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