New FA SOFT & CONTROL Anti-Perspirant Sprays, caring sweat protection for a care-free summer

Hello my lovely readers today I’m back with my impressions on two new deodorants I have used recently : FA SOFT CONTROL Anti-Perspirant Sprays in Caring Lila and Fresh Jasmine. I have used them both exclusively in the past month and more and I can share my thoughts on them with you.


Both deodorants are part of Fa Soft & Control range– Fa‘s 1st Anti-Perspirant Spray with 48h sweat protection that also gives the skin a soft feeling thanks to its unique Dry Oil Technology that acts like a petal touch on the skin to deliver a beautiful scent.

Both deodorants have 0% alcohol so they deliver a soft anti-perspirant protection that is gentle to the skin. Dermatologically tested. They also have an anti-stain action (we don’t want our clothes stained by the spray, do we?). There are two scents that I tried the Caring Lila and Fresh Jasmine.


What can I say about them ? Well, firstly I love their scent: the Fresh Jasmine scent is both flowery sweet and fresh at the same time, a very delicious combination (that I used most and it’s almost gone); the Caring Lila scent is more discrete, feminine and soothing at the same time, I love it in a different way.

They both come in a 150 ml can and a spray form (I prefer it over the roll-on, I don’t like the wet feeling it gives, and over the dry stick that can feel too dry for my skin).

I like the fact that they don’t contain alcohol, that means I can use them even after a shave or another skin removal treatment without my skin burning or becoming red and irritated. They are indeed very gentle with the sensitive skin of the armpit and they provided me with a long-lasting dry effect and I felt no need to wash or re-touch with my deodorant even on a hot, long day of work.


I did not notice any stains on the clothes, which made me very happy. I had many clothes in the past that were ruined by the deodorant stains over time and I had to throw them away even if they were still good for wearing, such a waste of money..

You can find them in stores at the price of aprox. 12 ron. I think that FA SOFT CONTROL Anti-Perspirant sprays are great products for a great price, easily affordable and very pleasantly scented. For me Fa brings back many happy family memories so I’ll continue to have Fa into my home for many years to come. Tell me Have you tried these deodorants ? What are your impressions ? Until next time,   Love, M




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