My New Year Resolutions

Another year has gone by, more likely has flown away so fast … As per usual I ticked some of the things I wanted done from my to do list and some others remained to be solved in this new year.
One of the things I am really proud of, is this blog ; I have thought about creating this blog for several months and I’m really happy that I did it! I have no regrets about the things I did or didn’t do, I can only look ahead towards the future.

And I want to do some things in 2015 starting with the most important one : to be really happy, to do what I really love and I am passioned about, to forget about stress, deadlines, paperwork and to leave behind the people unworthy of my time, attention and affection. I want a full cleansing of things, emotions and even people that are wrong for me!

I decided to only see the positive side of things, to shut out all the negativity in my life. To live my life as I want it by my own rules, to enjoy it fully with the people I love and who deserve my affections. I refuse to waste my time as I did before!

I only have one life to live so I will live it as I want! It is an ongoing battle to find the balance between the things I “must” do and the things I really want to do. But I really want to win it and prioritize my life as I need for me, myself and I ! I am the first one in my life, not my job, not the others, not other things! I admit it is easier said than done, but I try every day! I love myself and I deserve to put myself first!


I still have many things to do this year : both in my personal life and out if it. I will try to solve them but not in a stressfull way, but in my own sweet time, naturally, without any pressures. I will not stress over things anymore! “Que sera, sera” tells a Spanish song that I find true : “Whatever will be, will be!” So don’t worry and be happy!

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