My favourite Xmas decorations

May your Christmas be filled with peace, love and joy! 

I wanted to write today since I couldn’t be parted from you my lovely readers! So I’ll keep it short and simple: I will show you my favourite Xmas decorations. Some of them are old, inherited from my parents or my grandparents (which I will pass on to my children) and some are new bought by me these recent years.
I wanted to start a tradition of my own at Christmas time so I decided I would buy one decoration per year, something really singnificant and special. I feel really happy about it and I could definitely pass this tradition onto my children later! If you want to see what traditions we have for the holidays read this tag:
This is my Xmas tree this year: small and cute.

Of course on the very top it resides for several years now : my very loved golden angel. Although I have several other decorations to put on top of the tree I simply cannot let go of my angel! Let him watch over us all the time! I saw once a documentary about some celebrity home ( it was full of angels, figurines or photos) and I remember she said “There are never too many angels in this house”. I loved it! So I’m keeping my angel on top of the tree !

I want to show you my very two no.1 Xmas ornaments : my angel globe and my St. Mary with the Holy Child globe. I adore them!

I also have different flowers, an Indian elephant and even a Xmas tree globe.

I also have snowmen globes which I love.

I have the black and white or should I say transparent globes, for a little variation.

I have one boy and one girl on my wishlist for Santa.  

Everyone who knows me , knows I love animals (I have one very spoilt cat and two very loved dogs), so I have a few animal ornaments.

 And I adore butterflies !!!

Of course I cannot forget Santa and his magic reindeer !

There are many, many more Xmas ornaments but these are my very favourites, used at every Christmas. And these are my wishes for you :  

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